Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Wotnot Facial Wipes

 Here's something nifty I got sent - they are facial wipes from wotnot.

I have been keeping wipes in my bathroom for a while now, I find them a really quick and easy way to remove my makeup. On evenings when I am just too tired to do a full cleansing routine, wipes make sure that I don't go to sleep in my makeup. I think my skin is a lot happier as a result.

I've tried a few different brands, these ones are a bit different though - according to their marketing they are the first and only 100% organic and biodegradable wipes.

They don't have any alcohol or parabens or other nasties in them, and they've got certified organic jojoba, roseship and sweet orange oil, along with aloe vera.

They don't seem to have trouble removing any of my makeup - lip tars and mascara included, and they seem really gentle on my skin.

I also love the super sturdy case they come in with a nice big mirror on the back, it's made of recycled materials and is totally airtight, keeps the wipes nice and moist if you shut it properly - I'm thinking it would make an awesome makeup travel case for a night out, just the right size to store a few essentials.

All in all I am really liking these, they do the job nicely and are all green and feel-good on top.

Do you use wipes?


This item was sent for consideration, my opinions as always remain my own. 

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  1. WOTNOT have a campaign running called ABOUTFACE where you can swap your empty pack of Facial Wipes for a free pack of 25 WOTNOT's - register at https://www.facebook.com/www.wotnot.com.au/app_198028816891495