Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sponsored Post: 8 Great Plus Size Workwear Options

For this month's sponsored post for Target, I thought I'd share some of the cute stuff they have for work in the plus size section.

Their straight-sized collections (some of which now go up to at 20, yaaay!) are chock full of absolutely gorgeous peplum skirts and dresses, up to the minute styles and a lot of really gorgeous things that you could put up against a designer label and look smashing in... in the Moda range, well, the pickings are not so rich but there is still some treasure to be found.

I went in to the store on a mission today - a strict budget, limited time, I wanted to put together some really cute workwear outfits really fast.

I came up with five outfit options, showcasing eight great items, and could have easily done double that. 

They have some really lovely shell blouses in store at the moment, in a lot of different colours - I dodged the pastels and went for the bright jewel tones instead. There are also come nice patterned ones as well, that would suit a more casual office environment. All of these are in nice light fabrics that breathe but don't need ironing - that's a win right there. 

In jackets they have your standard black suit jacket, along with this cute striped option and one in bright orange if you want to get a bit more exciting.

Some nice skirts - I chose a pencil skirt with houndstooth panels front and back which is a trendy option right now, and another patterned skirt that had a nice drape to it. There were also lots of different choices of pencil skirts of different lengths with different detailing on in black. 

Of course no workwear wardrobe is complete without a pair of black slacks - there are several good options for these. 

All together, these eight items could be combined all sorts of ways for a cool capsule wardrobe. 

With your own accessories you could really jazz these up and show off your style - what I was going for here though is the bones of a wardrobe that would work, day after day - the sort of thing you could combine for weeks on end, without looking too repetitive. 

Choosing items that all work together is the key here - If you have 6 tops and 6 bottoms that all work together, you've got 36 different outfits - that's enough for seven workweeks without duplicating the same outfit once. That's the sort of versatility you want with your work clothes - and the less you spend on them, the more you have to spend on your play clothes!

When was the last time you had a good look at your work wardrobe? If you've got questions or want some advice, go ahead and leave me a comment!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Lust Have It Sample Box January 2013

Got the Lust Have It Sample Box for January 2013 on the doorstep this morning. They've abandoned the vanity bags and gone back to boxes - and not just any box, a gorgeous reusable one with a magnetic clasp. Elizabethan brocade pattern on the top - really lovely!

The contents too, are super awesome. Here's what we got:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aussie Curves: Purple

This week's theme? Purple. I do wear purple fairly regularly, It's fun to get away from my usual red, black, grey scheme once in a while. I have always loved how red and purple go together.

My favourite purple is a really rich Royal Purple shade. The word "Purple" comes from a rare seashell, the pupura, that they used to grind up to make dye.. the dye was so rare and precious that only the Roman Senators, and the Emperor, and later, the Byzantine Royal Family were allowed to use things that had been dyed with it. Nowadays anyone can don this regal shade, and I'm glad, because I love wearing it.

I have two purple tops on here, they are close enough in tone to go together well, both I have owned for a decade or so. With them is my red chiffon skirt from Crossroads that regular readers will have seen many times before now, a belt over the top, my gold "knot" necklace and a black & gold beaded headband, both from Collette.

On my feet, super cute giraffe print flats sent to me from Crocs, which are both funky and incredibly comfortable to wear.

If you're wondering about where these photos were taken? Well, they are in the very glamorous location of out the back of my yard next to my chook shed. We have this purple-flowering bush that just goes wild if we don't cut it back constantly and at the moment it has reached jungle proportions. It's really quite a nasty thing with itchy leaves and sap... but does have pretty purple flowers :)

With the terrible weather going on up north where I used to live, I feel it would be in very poor form for me to complain about the glorious sunshine that's making me squint in these photos, so I won't.

In the more forgiving light of my bathroom you can see the bright purple makeup I put on. Illamasqua creme eyeshadow, and Illamasqua lip gloss in "Fierce"

Here's some other purple goodies you might want to check out - as usual around here all of these are available in a size 20 or above and ship to Australia.



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Sweep Up

This week we showed off interestingly textured outfits, and played with some gorgeous goodies from Shu Uemura, we lusted after gorgeous garments from Cult of Califonia and after all that, it was time to kick back, relax and rehydrate.. 

Here's the posts:
Also this week, my personal stylist business., Body Positive Stylist, officially opened it's doors. If you want to see all the details of that, head on over to

I offer my services in person in Melbourne, and online anywhere! (I'll also come in person anywhere you like, if you're covering travel expenses). I am going to be announcing an opening special for people on my mailing list, so if you haven't joined the list for Body Positive Stylist updates, Click here and do that! 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

Some days you just need to kick back, relax, and pamper yourself a little bit, and having a stock of masques on hand is a great.

This one is a beauty - it's Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. Like everything from Dermalogica, it's low on the frills and fancies and high on the lab-tested power ingredients. This masque is just packed full of antioxidants, with Vitamin A, C, E, and F as well. There's no artificial fragrances or colours in it either. 

This is a light yellow cream, and it stays wet while you wear it. They recommend you leave it on for 10 minutes. While it's on, it doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but after you rinse it off you can really see the difference, your skin feels softer and looks clearer and brighter. 

Like everything from dermalogica it's a good idea to take advantage of their expert advice, they'll let you know whether this one is right for your skin or not. I've really enjoyed using this, and can see how it could become a staple. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Designer to Watch: Cult of California

If you like stuff that's a bit edgy and different, this is a designer you definitely want to have on your radar. Cult of California does club-wear, exercise wear and just plain old fun stuff.

Their clothes are made up to a size 30 US and they ship internationally too.

I've picked out a few of my favourites for you to peek at, but you can see all the rest of the goodies at their site

If you own anything from them, tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to hear your experiences with these.

PhotobucketHit the "read more" link for more pictures.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Collection

I got a lovely surprise in the mail the other day, a few pieces from the new "Blossom Dream" Collection by Yuji Asan for Shu Uemura. 

They arrived the same day I had a gig for the Circus Themed Va-Va-Boombah, so perfect timing! I really loved how all the pieces came together.

What I got sent:

  • Glow On Blush/Highlighter in Light Yellow - this is a gold with gold microglitter blush/highlighter. It's really finely milled and adds a golden shimmer to the skin. Because I am so pale this works as a blush for me (albeit an unusually toned one), if your skin is darker this would make a really nice highlighter to add a golden glow to your complexion. 
  • False Eyelashes called "Rainbow Feathers Small". These are really unique, they have a ruff of pastel rainbow feathers and black lashes as well.. they're actually quite subtle when you put them on.. right up until you blink! I had people complimenting me on these all night long.. and often with surprise  they'd come up and talk to me, and then I'd blink and they'd say "WOW!! YOUR LASHES!!". They were very comfortable to wear, too, and they look as though they'll last a long time with the usual gentle treatment. 
  • Gloss Unlimited in "AT-20g" (everything else has a cool name, so not sure why they didn't name the glosses?) . It's an opalescent gold with gold glitter in it, really pretty. It's nice and shiny but not sticky on the lips, and has good staying power for a gloss. It's stunning enough to wear on it's own but you can also layer it over the top of lipsticks for extra sparkle. 
  • Drawing Pencil in Pearly Gold - this is a really nice soft pencil that has a light gold sheen, it's a light and subtle effect, so if you wanted the gold look without getting all "Midas' Touch" this would be a really good choice. 
  • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Bright Orange. This was a really pleasant surprise. I have always avoided orange lipsticks, believing that they'd clash with my hair. When I tried it though, it looked really cool! Always goes to show you should try new things even if you think you know what does and doesn't work. This is a sheer colour that has a lot of pop to it. 

This is a really strong collection, each piece I was sent is really cool in it's own right and together they work together beautifully. If pastel rainbows with gold highlights are your thing you are definitely going to want to check this out at the Shu Uemura counter at David Jones. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Aussie Curves: Texture

 This week's Aussie Curves theme is "Texture". Now there are lots of cool fabrics out there that have awesome textures. Some fabrics are nice for other people to look at, some fabrics are nice to wear, but there's one that tops my list for being both gorgeous on the eye, and gorgeous on the skin, and that is silk. I only have a few silk items in my wardrobe because they violate my "no ironing, ever!" rule.

I've decided to share a silk dress that I really love. I bought this on a discount rack many years ago from Jacquie E and it's made from this gorgeous shimmery silk satin. It has intricate beading on the hem and belt and it's an absolute dream to wear. Of course it being in my favourite colour might have been a deciding factor, too. I haven't worn this a lot, because it's a high maintenance and delicate garment, but it always makes an impression when I do!

I've styled it two ways here, one that could nominally be called a "daytime" look, if you're a goth inclined person like me, and a nighttime look that can only be described as, well.. let's say a bit sassy. This is a "third date" outfit, if that means anything to you, you're probably smiling right now! 

So for the "daytime" look, I have put a lace dress over the top - this is not a nasty scratchy lace but a lovely soft one, and the red underneath makes the pattern stand out really nicely. I put on a chunky necklace (that also covered up most of the dramatic cleavage I was displaying.  In both outfits I am wearing my cute and comfy wedges from Crocs.

I've kept things light and fresh for my "daytime" makeup look. A sweep of pink eyeshadow("Be my Valentine from Vani-T, some gold eyeliner and a slick of the new gold-flecked gloss from the Shu Uemura "Blossom" collection

To transition from daytime to nightime with my makeup, I added darker eyeliner (the denim pencil eyeliner from Vani-T) and dark lipstick (appropriately named "Vamp", also from Vani-T) and I darkened my eyeshadow by adding some "Russet Red" pigment to the pink.

To change up things up in my outfit, I've worn my knot necklace which emphasises rather than obscures the plunging neckline of this dress. With a dress like this, you really don't need a lot of other accessories - it's a statement piece all on it's own, so it's good just to keep everything else simple. A bit of volumiser in my hair, and darken up my makeup, and I am ready for an evening of fun.

This is not the sort of dress to put on if you want to blend in, and don't like lots of attention. I think all too often women, especially plus sized ones, are encouraged to try and minimise and diminish themselves, to not wear bright colours or provocative things, but, well, I'm sure you can guess what I think about that. Hiding your light under a bushel has never really been a concept that appeals to me very much. I'm not always in the mood to stand out this much, but when I am feeling super vampy, I let this dress out to play.

What do you wear when you're on the prowl?


Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Bellabox January 2013

New year, new bellabox! This arrived shiny and new today, with a fresh batch of fun new stuff to try. 

So, what did we get?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out and About: The Art Centre's Summer Season

As part of my cool deal with the Arts Centre, I thought I'd tell you about the shows coming up that I am going to.. they both look like they're going to be a lot of fun!

First up is a Circus/ Street theatre duo from Belgim called  Oh Suivant! Check out the show details here.  . If the shorts are any indication we're in for a treat! Acrobatics, juggling and other circus shenanigans. 

Then next week I'm headed off to Blaze - an urban/street dance spectacular. 

I've embedded a video below, it looks like a really awesome show. You can see all the details and grab a ticket here

The refurbishment of the Arts Centre is really worth having a look at if you haven't seen it already, I think they have done a fantastic job, making a great venue even better.