Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Collection

I got a lovely surprise in the mail the other day, a few pieces from the new "Blossom Dream" Collection by Yuji Asan for Shu Uemura. 

They arrived the same day I had a gig for the Circus Themed Va-Va-Boombah, so perfect timing! I really loved how all the pieces came together.

What I got sent:

  • Glow On Blush/Highlighter in Light Yellow - this is a gold with gold microglitter blush/highlighter. It's really finely milled and adds a golden shimmer to the skin. Because I am so pale this works as a blush for me (albeit an unusually toned one), if your skin is darker this would make a really nice highlighter to add a golden glow to your complexion. 
  • False Eyelashes called "Rainbow Feathers Small". These are really unique, they have a ruff of pastel rainbow feathers and black lashes as well.. they're actually quite subtle when you put them on.. right up until you blink! I had people complimenting me on these all night long.. and often with surprise  they'd come up and talk to me, and then I'd blink and they'd say "WOW!! YOUR LASHES!!". They were very comfortable to wear, too, and they look as though they'll last a long time with the usual gentle treatment. 
  • Gloss Unlimited in "AT-20g" (everything else has a cool name, so not sure why they didn't name the glosses?) . It's an opalescent gold with gold glitter in it, really pretty. It's nice and shiny but not sticky on the lips, and has good staying power for a gloss. It's stunning enough to wear on it's own but you can also layer it over the top of lipsticks for extra sparkle. 
  • Drawing Pencil in Pearly Gold - this is a really nice soft pencil that has a light gold sheen, it's a light and subtle effect, so if you wanted the gold look without getting all "Midas' Touch" this would be a really good choice. 
  • Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Bright Orange. This was a really pleasant surprise. I have always avoided orange lipsticks, believing that they'd clash with my hair. When I tried it though, it looked really cool! Always goes to show you should try new things even if you think you know what does and doesn't work. This is a sheer colour that has a lot of pop to it. 

This is a really strong collection, each piece I was sent is really cool in it's own right and together they work together beautifully. If pastel rainbows with gold highlights are your thing you are definitely going to want to check this out at the Shu Uemura counter at David Jones. 



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  2. Beautiful! My fave out of these would have to be the lashes - so tempted to get them but I'm on a strict budget at the moment... I love how they are subtle in that you don't realise they're there (the feathers) till ya blink! :)

    - Sarah

    1. Yeah, I think the lashes might be my favourite too! :)