Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sponsored Post: 8 Great Plus Size Workwear Options

For this month's sponsored post for Target, I thought I'd share some of the cute stuff they have for work in the plus size section.

Their straight-sized collections (some of which now go up to at 20, yaaay!) are chock full of absolutely gorgeous peplum skirts and dresses, up to the minute styles and a lot of really gorgeous things that you could put up against a designer label and look smashing in... in the Moda range, well, the pickings are not so rich but there is still some treasure to be found.

I went in to the store on a mission today - a strict budget, limited time, I wanted to put together some really cute workwear outfits really fast.

I came up with five outfit options, showcasing eight great items, and could have easily done double that. 

They have some really lovely shell blouses in store at the moment, in a lot of different colours - I dodged the pastels and went for the bright jewel tones instead. There are also come nice patterned ones as well, that would suit a more casual office environment. All of these are in nice light fabrics that breathe but don't need ironing - that's a win right there. 

In jackets they have your standard black suit jacket, along with this cute striped option and one in bright orange if you want to get a bit more exciting.

Some nice skirts - I chose a pencil skirt with houndstooth panels front and back which is a trendy option right now, and another patterned skirt that had a nice drape to it. There were also lots of different choices of pencil skirts of different lengths with different detailing on in black. 

Of course no workwear wardrobe is complete without a pair of black slacks - there are several good options for these. 

All together, these eight items could be combined all sorts of ways for a cool capsule wardrobe. 

With your own accessories you could really jazz these up and show off your style - what I was going for here though is the bones of a wardrobe that would work, day after day - the sort of thing you could combine for weeks on end, without looking too repetitive. 

Choosing items that all work together is the key here - If you have 6 tops and 6 bottoms that all work together, you've got 36 different outfits - that's enough for seven workweeks without duplicating the same outfit once. That's the sort of versatility you want with your work clothes - and the less you spend on them, the more you have to spend on your play clothes!

When was the last time you had a good look at your work wardrobe? If you've got questions or want some advice, go ahead and leave me a comment!



  1. I like these; especially the outfit in the middle. Super cute.

    1. Thank you, that was one of my favourites too! :)