Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Keratin Complex Sparkle & Shine

I got sent this the other day - it's a pot full of shiny sparkly metallic hair powder. I got copper, perfect for red highlights. It comes with an application brush and you simply brush it on to your hair where you'd like the colour to go, and then seal with some hairspray. The brush comes in a cute retractable case and slides into the lid so you can't lose it - very clever!

It added a gorgeous shimmer to my wild red locks, but even though it was quite noticeable in person it proved almost impossible to photograph! I therefore called upon my understudy, also known as my gorgeous daughter, who is blessed with golden blonde hair - the kind that people pay thousands in a salon to have, but hers is all natural. The copper powder, as you can see, is a lot more visible on her hair:

If she wanted to become a strawberry blonde for a day, this would be a great way to achieve it! You can't see the glitter in these photos, but the powder gives you that sort of fairy/unicorn sparkle that just yells "PARTY TIME!". It also washes out easily, as a bonus - my daughter had no trouble getting this out of her hair in the shower. 

This seems to be a versatile and fun product, just the thing for someone looking for a temporary change. You can pick this up from if you fancy trying it out yourself.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Out and About: Trevor Ashley's "I'm Every Woman" at the Famous Speigeltent

You might remember I mentioned that I was headed off to "The Famous Spiegeltent" to see Trevor Ashley's show "I'm Every Woman"., well, I did, and it was A-MAY-ZING.

Trevor does impressions.. but not just impressions.. fabulous over the top caricature like drag impressions. Plus he can sing, yes, even like the world famous divas he impersonates.. his jokes were often off-colour but had the crowd shrieking appreciatively.

He also did all of his costume changes on stage, which was amazing to watch.. a little glimpse behind the curtain of drag.. I was totally fascinated and quite jealous of his magnificent wig collection.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and I'm definitely going to be waiting to see what Trevor comes up with next!

So, yes, the show was incredible, but what did I wear? Well, I managed not to get a photo of my whole outfit (bad blogger! no cookie!) but I did snap a shot of my makeup - I quiffed my hair up and did a dark blue smokey eye.. it was quite glittery in person .. if you can't wear blue glitter to a drag show, where can you wear it?

No matter how over the top my makeup, there's no way I could compete with the "DIVA!" up on stage. I found a little video where you can get a glimpse of Trevor's magic.. enjoy!


Review: Lust Have It Sample Box February 2013

Time for another Lust Have It box, the February one arrived on my doorstep today.. so what's inside?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Aussie Curves: Animalistic

This weeks theme for Aussie Curves is "Animalistic". I've always had a streak of the primal in me, and for once, when I saw what the theme was I knew exactly what to wear - some time ago now I bought this red leopard print peplum dress from ASOS. I find red leopard print pretty hard to resist on the rare times something becomes available, and this dress was no exception.

 I was unsure about sizing and ended up ordering a dress at least one and maybe two sizes too big. I decided to just deal with it though rather than go through the hassle of returning it (the dress was also on sale and I had no guarantee the size I wanted would still be available.) While big on me it's still wearable, and one day I might get around to taking it in.

 So, an interesting theme this one - to me being "animalistic" implies letting instinct take over, shrugging off the veneer of polite society, showing a bit of the beast within... it's about worrying less about being "polite" and "nice" and what you "should" do.. and doing more of what you want to do, expressing more of what you want to express.. I think that's something a lot of us could do with a little more of..

Of course I had to pair this with my animal print flats from Crocs.. and for my makeup, I thought I'd show you some wild leopard print lips! These are really easy to do, I just drew the leopard spots on with a black liquid eyeliner, added some dabs of red glitter and then resisted the urge to smack my lips together.

There's the "lion with a scar" makeup I did for a Halloween Party last year, and I've also done a "snow leopard" makeup a few times too. 

How about you? When was the last time you took a walk on the wild side? 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sponsored Post: Target's Beauty Sale

This month, as part of my continuing Brand Ambassadorship arrangement with the good folk at Target, they want me to tell you all about their beauty sale!

The sale runs through till the 25th February and includes not just the cosmetics and makeup you might expect but also all the perfume, skincare (need to stock up on hand cream, face wash or body wash?), fragrances, and all their nail care stuff as well. If you're in the market for a belated Valentines present this could be just the ticket.

Every beauty product lover has their own personal favourite.. the one product that they can't resist. For some it's racks and racks of nail polish, for others it's fragrances, for me? Eyeshadow palettes, followed closely by gift sets. I love getting value for money and trying new things, and when presented with a choice of a few different gorgeous things, my choice is usually ALL OF THEM!
As expected there's plenty of gift set and palette goodness to be had in the sale. Here's some stuff I'm keen to get my grabby hands on:

First up, this cute set from Napoleon Perdis, this one is the "Holiday Pack". I have the one called "Jet Set" and was really impressed with it. For $39 you get a lot here, and the colours look gorgeous. 
This is one of target's private label brands (I think?) and I've been pleased with the quality of it before, so this was bound to catch my eye:
So many fun colours and stuff to play with there! For $16 you really can't go wrong with this.

Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous set from Revlon:

Some eye essentials and a gorgeous mesh bag. The bag alone could easily set you back the $29.96 this pack costs, and would make a great addition to your handbag.

I've barely scratched the surface of all the good stuff they've got available, so head on over to their online store or cruise the beauty aisles in person - Warning, you might end up with a trolley full of lovely things and even though your wallet will be empty you'll be boasting to everyone about how much money you saved.... or maybe that's just me. 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Aussie Curves: Black and White

Three o'clock in the afternoon. The heat rippling off the asphalt and the windows electric fan adding no respite from the heat, just a dull hum to break the silence of my office. It had been three weeks without a case, and in she walked. Pale skin, blue eyes, scarlet hair.. she had a little extra padding in all the right places, if you know what I mean. I knew this dame was going to be trouble the minute I saw her, and yet I found myself sitting to attention as she sat down to tell her story.....

Can you tell that the minute I found out that this week's Aussie Curves theme was "Black and White" my brain went immediately to Film Noir? There's something dramatic about black and white outfits, perhaps that's why I am so fond of them. You would have already seen me sporting this combo numerous times if you're a regular reader, but this is a new addition to my black and white collection, it's a gorgeous dress I got at the 17 Sundays sample sale. It's made of a lovely light fabric and it was just the thing for the kind of humid hot day we had. 

I especially like the detailing on the back, it has a deep v-neck and a cross-bar of black across the shoulders. 

Of course for this my makeup had to be black and white as well - I used black and white shadows from Savoir Faire, Illamasqua's black lipstick (Called "Pristine) and Mineralogie's very nice blacker-than-black liquid liner. The fascinatior I am wearing is from . 

Be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves posts!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Makeup Tutorial - Valentine's Day Vamp with Vani-T

It's very popular these days to say bad things about Valentine's Day - it's a "hallmark holiday" and all that - but I have always been a fan. 

Love, after all, is pretty wonderful - it's something that defines us as human beings and it's something we could all use a lot more of! So I love Valentine's Day and I always take time to do something special whether I am sharing it with a special someone (or someones) or not. 

I've been single a lot more than I haven't in my life, so the many years that Valentine's Day rolled around and I was all alone, I would make it a day to celebrate all sorts of love in my life - the love of good friends, and fun times, the love of life itself - I would use the day (and still do) to take stock of the love in my life and ask myself "How can I express the love and respect I have for myself more?" "How can I demonstrate my love to others more?". I always found these worthy reflections.

Right, enough soapboxing, on to the makeup! I have created a makeup tutorial showing off this Vampy look I did using some gorgeous things Vani-T sent me. they are a mineral makeup brand, amongst other things, and apparently have quite the celebrity following! After trying their stuff out for myself it's not hard to see why, I found their products really easy to use and of a great quality. 

This look is pink and red and has a statement dark lip using their lipstick called (very appropriately if I do say so myself) Vamp. 

The mineral colour products I used to create this look are:
  • Liquid Foundation in Porcelain - this is a nice and pale foundation with good coverage. 

  • Colour Stick in Berry Parfait - a multi-use product that can be used as a blush, eye or lip colour. It's a good neutral sort of brown that makes a great blush and would be excellent for a "no makeup makeup" look if you're into that sort of thing. 

  • Colour Crystals in "Be My Valentine" and "Dark Russet" - loose eye shadows. Both of these have microglitter galore but unlike many other similar sorts of things they seem to have a tendency to stay where they are put, and last well. "Be my Valentine" is a pink with gold microglitter in it and "Dark Russet" is a dark reddish sort of colour with red microglitter in it. 

  • Diamond Dust in "Moon and Stars" - the name alone (Oh, Khal Drogo!) is enough to make me happy but this is a glitter powder with some serious oomph. A light hand needed with this stuff unless you want to look like Queen of the Fae who just rode in on her unicorn (and why not!!) For this look I just dusted a bit of it on my upper cheekbones as an illuminator. 

  • Eye Definer in Denim - a lovely soft eye pencil that is in a dark navy, just the thing for blue eyes (or brown for that matter) I love a blue eyeliner in any hue and this is a nice one. 

  • Lipstick in "Vamp" - A dark berry/plum colour with plenty of pop. Creamy but long lasting. 

  • Lash in Black - A really properly black mascara that seems defining rather than volumising - just the thing when you want great definition. 
With all of these the packaging feels really luxe and they have gone to extra trouble to make everything look gorgeous. The lipstick is encased in square cut gems! 
I'm impressed with these and this will definitely be a brand on my radar. The fact that they are a self described "Ethical Beauty" brand, using organic ingredients, shunning animal testing and using sustainable packaging is very pleasant icing on the cake. 

Whatever you're up to on Valentine's Day, have a good one!

If you're wondering what epic plans I have this year, well, I decided to do something a little bit different. 

If you're in Melbourne and headed off to One Billion Rising (an event happening all over the world on 14th Feb as a dance protest to end violence against women) you might see me there - if you do, come say Hi!