Monday, February 11, 2013

Aussie Curves: Nature


A special "From Lookbook to StreetLook" version of Aussie Curves this week! The theme is "Nature".
- there's plenty of ways this theme could be interpreted.. my mind went straight to "Fauna and Flora", and then I started thinking about what florals I have in my wardrobe.

Not many, honestly, but I did pick up something gorgeous at the 17 Sundays sample sale that was on recently - the Pina Colada Printed Denim Dress. Brocades are a stylised floral, and brocades with pineapples have a special place in my heart - it's the history nerd in me!

In the 18th Century, pineapples were so popular, rare and novel that if you wanted to impress your dinner guests you could hire one from a confectioner to display on your bureau.. you weren't allowed to eat it, of course (and I'm sure after being used in this fashion for a while you wouldn't want to!) but you could show it off.

Because of this popularity pineapple motifs were incorporated into all sorts of things, including brocade patterns, and this dress pays homage to that great tradition!

It might have a historically significant pattern but everything else about this dress is lovely and modern - it's made of a cool and breathable cotton denim/spandex blend which means it has a bit of stretch to it and a slightly glossy finish, and it also has pockets - my love for garments with sensibly sized pockets knows no bounds!!

So, how did I style it? Well, I put a red singlet on underneath because my ample bosom was making the v-neckline rather more exciting for other public transport passengers than I intended the first time I wore this.. with a bit of coverage underneath the neckline can plunge to it's heart's content!

While this is easy to wear without a belt, I always like a bit of definition at my waist so I wore the "Obi" style belt I got sent from TS14+/Virtu, I've been having fun knotting it different ways. On my feet are crimson-soled maryjane crocs.

And my colourful and gorgeous friend who's sharing (perhaps stealing!) the limelight in these photos? I picnicked at Birrarung Marr where Mali the Elephant is visiting... there are 150 Mali sculptures all over the city - Mali is the two year old baby elephant at Melbourne Zoo, and the sculptures are raising awareness of environmental issues, and are going to be auctioned off to raise even more money. The whole thing is part of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of the Zoo.

This Mali is covered in gorgeous mosaic, and she delights everyone who sees her! Our picnic was right next to her and all afternoon kids were coming and climbing on her and having a great time.

I couldn't imagine a more appropriate companion for a "Nature" theme!

If you fancy picking up a Pineapple Dress of your own, they're on special at the moment over at The Iconic.



  1. I am so jealous of your stunning red hair in that second pic!

  2. what a cute dress, looks awesome!!! I never knew that about pineapples, what an interesting fact!

  3. Gorgeous photos, loving your co-star, she's beautiful. I have often looked at this dress and considered buying it. I grew up on a large pineapple farm. Pineapples always remind me of home, of my Dad and of summer holidays spent in the patch.

  4. The dress looks gorgeous with the red accents.

  5. I love the dress paired with the red, it really makes it pop!

  6. I always look at this dress online, its so pretty! rocking it!

  7. Amazing as always - am loving the touches of red, jaw dropping beautiful. How adorable is the elephant - I love Melbourne!

  8. I wouldn't have thought to add bold pops of red to this dress. Of course you did. You look great.

  9. Gorgeous dress! I hadn't known that about pineapples before - you learn something new every day!

  10. I love that dress, I may just have to buy one! I love the pineapple motif, recently I saw an art deco club lounge with a pineapple motif. Very nice!