Thursday, February 14, 2013

Makeup Tutorial - Valentine's Day Vamp with Vani-T

It's very popular these days to say bad things about Valentine's Day - it's a "hallmark holiday" and all that - but I have always been a fan. 

Love, after all, is pretty wonderful - it's something that defines us as human beings and it's something we could all use a lot more of! So I love Valentine's Day and I always take time to do something special whether I am sharing it with a special someone (or someones) or not. 

I've been single a lot more than I haven't in my life, so the many years that Valentine's Day rolled around and I was all alone, I would make it a day to celebrate all sorts of love in my life - the love of good friends, and fun times, the love of life itself - I would use the day (and still do) to take stock of the love in my life and ask myself "How can I express the love and respect I have for myself more?" "How can I demonstrate my love to others more?". I always found these worthy reflections.

Right, enough soapboxing, on to the makeup! I have created a makeup tutorial showing off this Vampy look I did using some gorgeous things Vani-T sent me. they are a mineral makeup brand, amongst other things, and apparently have quite the celebrity following! After trying their stuff out for myself it's not hard to see why, I found their products really easy to use and of a great quality. 

This look is pink and red and has a statement dark lip using their lipstick called (very appropriately if I do say so myself) Vamp. 

The mineral colour products I used to create this look are:
  • Liquid Foundation in Porcelain - this is a nice and pale foundation with good coverage. 

  • Colour Stick in Berry Parfait - a multi-use product that can be used as a blush, eye or lip colour. It's a good neutral sort of brown that makes a great blush and would be excellent for a "no makeup makeup" look if you're into that sort of thing. 

  • Colour Crystals in "Be My Valentine" and "Dark Russet" - loose eye shadows. Both of these have microglitter galore but unlike many other similar sorts of things they seem to have a tendency to stay where they are put, and last well. "Be my Valentine" is a pink with gold microglitter in it and "Dark Russet" is a dark reddish sort of colour with red microglitter in it. 

  • Diamond Dust in "Moon and Stars" - the name alone (Oh, Khal Drogo!) is enough to make me happy but this is a glitter powder with some serious oomph. A light hand needed with this stuff unless you want to look like Queen of the Fae who just rode in on her unicorn (and why not!!) For this look I just dusted a bit of it on my upper cheekbones as an illuminator. 

  • Eye Definer in Denim - a lovely soft eye pencil that is in a dark navy, just the thing for blue eyes (or brown for that matter) I love a blue eyeliner in any hue and this is a nice one. 

  • Lipstick in "Vamp" - A dark berry/plum colour with plenty of pop. Creamy but long lasting. 

  • Lash in Black - A really properly black mascara that seems defining rather than volumising - just the thing when you want great definition. 
With all of these the packaging feels really luxe and they have gone to extra trouble to make everything look gorgeous. The lipstick is encased in square cut gems! 
I'm impressed with these and this will definitely be a brand on my radar. The fact that they are a self described "Ethical Beauty" brand, using organic ingredients, shunning animal testing and using sustainable packaging is very pleasant icing on the cake. 

Whatever you're up to on Valentine's Day, have a good one!

If you're wondering what epic plans I have this year, well, I decided to do something a little bit different. 

If you're in Melbourne and headed off to One Billion Rising (an event happening all over the world on 14th Feb as a dance protest to end violence against women) you might see me there - if you do, come say Hi! 


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