Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Keratin Complex Sparkle & Shine

I got sent this the other day - it's a pot full of shiny sparkly metallic hair powder. I got copper, perfect for red highlights. It comes with an application brush and you simply brush it on to your hair where you'd like the colour to go, and then seal with some hairspray. The brush comes in a cute retractable case and slides into the lid so you can't lose it - very clever!

It added a gorgeous shimmer to my wild red locks, but even though it was quite noticeable in person it proved almost impossible to photograph! I therefore called upon my understudy, also known as my gorgeous daughter, who is blessed with golden blonde hair - the kind that people pay thousands in a salon to have, but hers is all natural. The copper powder, as you can see, is a lot more visible on her hair:

If she wanted to become a strawberry blonde for a day, this would be a great way to achieve it! You can't see the glitter in these photos, but the powder gives you that sort of fairy/unicorn sparkle that just yells "PARTY TIME!". It also washes out easily, as a bonus - my daughter had no trouble getting this out of her hair in the shower. 

This seems to be a versatile and fun product, just the thing for someone looking for a temporary change. You can pick this up from if you fancy trying it out yourself.


  1. I Love it, wonder if it is available in NZ, will have to check.

  2. Sounds fun! I have reddish blond hair so it would work for me.
    Hugs, Susan