Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sponsored Post: Target's Beauty Sale

This month, as part of my continuing Brand Ambassadorship arrangement with the good folk at Target, they want me to tell you all about their beauty sale!

The sale runs through till the 25th February and includes not just the cosmetics and makeup you might expect but also all the perfume, skincare (need to stock up on hand cream, face wash or body wash?), fragrances, and all their nail care stuff as well. If you're in the market for a belated Valentines present this could be just the ticket.

Every beauty product lover has their own personal favourite.. the one product that they can't resist. For some it's racks and racks of nail polish, for others it's fragrances, for me? Eyeshadow palettes, followed closely by gift sets. I love getting value for money and trying new things, and when presented with a choice of a few different gorgeous things, my choice is usually ALL OF THEM!
As expected there's plenty of gift set and palette goodness to be had in the sale. Here's some stuff I'm keen to get my grabby hands on:

First up, this cute set from Napoleon Perdis, this one is the "Holiday Pack". I have the one called "Jet Set" and was really impressed with it. For $39 you get a lot here, and the colours look gorgeous. 
This is one of target's private label brands (I think?) and I've been pleased with the quality of it before, so this was bound to catch my eye:
So many fun colours and stuff to play with there! For $16 you really can't go wrong with this.

Last but certainly not least, this gorgeous set from Revlon:

Some eye essentials and a gorgeous mesh bag. The bag alone could easily set you back the $29.96 this pack costs, and would make a great addition to your handbag.

I've barely scratched the surface of all the good stuff they've got available, so head on over to their online store or cruise the beauty aisles in person - Warning, you might end up with a trolley full of lovely things and even though your wallet will be empty you'll be boasting to everyone about how much money you saved.... or maybe that's just me. 


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