Monday, March 4, 2013

Aussie Curves: Retro

 The Aussie Curves theme this week is "retro" - Regular readers will know I am all for a bit of retro flair - I sweep my hair up into victory rolls to go shop for groceries sometimes, just because it's fun.

For the theme, then, I couldn't just show you one of the usual 40s, 50s or 60s inspired outfits I tromp out in regularly, no, for this I had to dig deep, and bring out one of the treasures at the back of my wardrobe.. it's probably far too old fashioned to be properly called "retro" but I thought you might enjoy seeing it anyway.

I was invited to a debaucherous costume party and the theme was "black and white" (too late for the Aussie Curves black and white week, alas!) but it was a good opportunity to get rather silly!

This black and white striped monstrosity is from Fan Plus Friend, and I've owned it for years. Despite appearances it is very comfortable to wear! They do custom sizing which is well worth the little extra it costs - accustomed to the normal sizing of most merchants in the "elegant gothic lolita" realm I'm well acquainted with looking at pretty things I'm not able to find in my size, so to be able to get this stuff at all is really good.

I feel as though I'm lucky to live the kind of wild life that sees an outfit like this get fairly regular outings - I wear it to steampunk events and costume parties and  DJ Gigs.

 I took some shots of my wild makeup and headed out for the night, and I had such a rollicking good time I quite forgot to take any photos of my outfit at all! So, just for you, the next day, (quite hungover), I put it on again to take some more shots. That's why I'm not wearing the same wild makeup in the outfit photos!

And wild makeup it was - I was going for a very dishevelled 18th century sort of look, I swept up my hair over a black ringlet wig for massive volume, perched ostrich feathers on my head, and then I painted an eye-mask on over whiteface makeup. The eyes are just black eyeshadow with white liquid eyeliner (Illamasqua Scribe) over the top.

I kept it nice and easy and instead of attempting a symmetrical design I went with some abstract Roccoo swirls instead. By doing a couple of layers of eyeliner it made for quite a three-dimensional effect, and people at the party couldn't work out how I had done it!

I did two-toned lips - Illamasqua Box on the top lip and Pristine on the lower lip. I couldn't resist adding a beauty spot as well!

I had an awesome time at the party, it really is very fun to dress totally silly sometimes!

Make sure you check out the other Aussie Curves ladies in their far less silly retro outfits.




  1. You look fantastic Omega!! I think you may have been born in the wrong era, because that look totally suits you.

  2. I was hoping you'd go ott this week Omega ;-) You look beautiful in this amazing dress! Loving your hair swept up like that.

  3. What can I say, but Wow! That is amazing Omega. You look amazing. And I think retro can be from any decade or period from the past. Incredible :)

  4. wow this is incredible, how awesome!! :)

  5. Woah lady! I know we all thought of you a little with this theme coming up and man oh man you delivered. The very retro'est of retro. Love this. This dress is amazing. WOW.

  6. What AMA amazing outfit! I have a few steam punk friends who would be über jealous of this whole look!