Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aussie Curves: Maxi

Just sneaking in before the deadline for this week's Aussie Curves challenge - Maxi! 

I've been flat strapped and just didn't get time to do a photo shoot, but I do have a lot of lovely maxi dresses and skirts, and thought I'd share some I have previously posted, along with some of my favourites available in the stores at the moment. 
Of course most of them are red, but surely if you've been reading for a while now, you would have expected that. 

There's something about the swishy comfort of a long skirt that's

 really appealing - I also love the drama of a maxi dress.
In summer with sandals in a light cotton or chiffon, or in winter in wool with tights underneath, the maxi is really an item for all seasons and all occassions. 

 The maxi format can really show off a beautiful fabric and/or print to full advantage, there's just something about all those luxurious swathes of fabric. 
Down below I have shown off some of my favourite maxi dresses for sale at the moment - from the bargain to the totally luxe. 
As usual all are available in at least a size 20 and ship to Australia.


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