Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aussie Curves: Pyjamas

So, the Aussie Curves theme this week is "Pyjamas" - and here's the thing... I just don't wear them. I have a couple of daggy tracky-dakk kinds of things that I shamble around the house in, but for sleeping, I prefer to be like Marilyn - when journalists asked her what she wore to bed, she smiled and said, "Chanel No. 5".. I prefer Illamasqua's "Freak" but you get the general idea.

I think what this challenge was really about though, is getting a glimpse of us all when we're not all glammed up. At home. Relaxed. So here I am in my comfy robe (it's a mens robe from Target), no makeup, hair not brushed.. these were taken before six am on a public holiday.

Why, oh why was I awake at such an unpleasant hour? Well, there's a good reason... she's full of smiles and almost two, and she loves greeting the dawn!

One day, when I've got time, and energy, and a few hours alone with the sewing machine, I'm going to use some of the patterns I sell to make up some far more lovely and glamorous sleepwear items. I probably won't sleep in them, but they'd be lovely to wear when lounging around the house.  

Here's some of my favourites from the "Lingerie and Sleepwear" section:

 Oh, and here's what my older daughter did to my bedroom wall as a lovely surprise  Red blossoms? How did she guess?



  1. I personally would love that robe

  2. You look so young and happy in those makeup free shots. Glad you were confident enough to put it out there.