Friday, April 12, 2013

How to wear Ombre: Fatshion OOTD

This ensemble is bought to you by the powers of  Serendipity  At first glance this looks like a dress, but if you have a closer look, you'll notice that it is actually a top and a skirt.

Would you believe that they come from two different stores, bought years apart? It's true!

I have perfect colour pitch - in the same way that some people can identify and reproduce more distinict sounds than others, apparently there's a similar quality for sight - there are some people who can identify and retain colours better than other people. This is not really a very useful superpower to have, but once in a while it does come in handy!

The top of this outfit is a kaftan-style ombre dyed top from Target. I spotted it on the rack and immediatley thought it might match something I had sitting at home - the chiffon skirt I originally bought from crossroads, years ago.

I bought the top, took it home, dug up the skirt, and BINGO - perfect match! I really love the effect of a long ombre dress, the elongated lines of it appeal to me, and it feels quite bohemian!

In keeping with the general theme I usually put boho plaits in my hair and wear soft makeup colours with this. I also like to wear a piece of costume jewellery that I've had forever that is a metal tree branch adorned with ribbons.

I wouldn't be very interested in dressing like this every day but it's fun to play boho once in a while...


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