Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Omega's Picks: Plus Size Leather

I got sent a pleather skirt from the amazing people at Harlow the other day, and I have to tell you, this thing has become an INSTANT favourite in my wardrobe. It reminded me how much I love leather and leather-looking things, and also how this is a fabric that plus size women are often warned against.

I feel the same way about that particular fashion "rule" as I do many others - namely that it's nothing but a load of bunk! I love my leather jackets, wet-look leggings and my new pleather skirt.

I'll show you some of the ways I've been wearing it very soon, in the meantime, here's a roundup of some great leather and leather-look finds - as usual all are available in at least a size 20 and all ship to Australia.

How about you? Do you love leather? 


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