Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Bellabox April 2013

The Bellabox is here! Here's what I got:
  • Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel - strangely enough the small sample we got of this is at room temperature, not glacial at all!! I must admit my eyebrows rose at the explanation of how this is supposed to work - "containing negatively charged molecules, this mask draws out positively charged bacteria" .. oookay.
  • Lash Card - these are bits of paper toweling that you use when applying mascara to ensure it only goes where it's meant to (and nowhere it's not). It's an interesting product, if you had trouble with the whole mascara thing these could be really handy.
  • Indio Facial Scrub - A salt scrub, good stuff!
  • Proplenish Marine Collagen - this is to be drunk - there's a lot of talk about collagen and how good it is for your hair and nails, when added to your diet - I doubt the three-pack sample given here would have much of an effect but it will be at least possible to see what it tastes like. 
  • Cedel Dry Conditioner - Dry Shampoo is one of my staples, but dry conditioner is new to me, I am keen to try this out.
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour - Love a magnetic nail polish and the Sally Hansen brand of polish is one of the best, so this is a great score! Mine is "kinetic copper".
  • Avene Micellar Lotion 3 in 1 - these no-rinse makeup removers are great, and a small bottle like this is perfect for travel, I'm glad to have another one to add to my stash.
Lots in the box this month, and plenty of interesting things to try, another nice job by the team at bellabox!


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