Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Klorane Pomegranate Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been using Klorane's dry shampoo for years and love it, but I had never tried anything else from this brand until this parcel arrived on the doorstep.

It's hard for me to evaluate this product realistically  I think, because I have to tell you - the sight and scent (and taste) of pomegranates is one of my favourite things. Anything scented with or flavoured by pomegranates is going straight to my "MUST HAVE!!" list. I'd probably love it even if it wasn't really good - thankfully I don't have to make that compromise here.

There's more going on here than just a delicious scent. Like most really good shampoos this doesn't lather up with loads of suds - in the cheaper brands they put extra stuff in to make the shampoo do that, and sadly that extra stuff sometimes isn't that great for your hair! This one has a low level of suds due to a lack of those additives, but it certainly gets the job done. Combined with the conditioner this left my hair super shiny and bouncy - and smelling heavenly too!

I thought my hair looked great, and I even had other people comment on it - one person said it was amazing that I could keep the colour I do and yet my hair is still obviously in such great condition - I had the shine-inducing powers of this shampoo to thank for that compliment, I think!

If you love the smell of pomegranates, and like your locks shiny, then this might be a shampoo you want to try out for yourself.

Any other pomegranate fans here?


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