Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Manicare Base Coat, Beginning to End & Mirror Shine Top Coat

I'm going to show you something terrible, dear readers... the state of my nails. Have a look. "Goodness!", say you, "What on earth happened there?!!".

Well, I can tell you it is the price I pay for my ridiculously crimson locks - it wasn't a polish that caused this staining but rather my hair dye. I'd run out of gloves, you see, and decided to touch up bare handed - never again!

In order to hide this sorry mess at work I've been wearing nail polish every day, which is not something I usually bother with.

It was excellent timing then, to receive a package from Manicare with three of their nail products - a base cost, a top coat, and, if you can't be bothered with two different things, an "all in one" product called Beginning to End.

Honestly, base coats and top coats aren't things I normally bother with, either - but I've learned my lesson on that one! Since trying these I notice they really do make your nails stronger and make your nailpolish look better for longer. Once of the reasons I haven't worn nail polish all the time is simply that I like doing things with my hands - I type, and grab things, and I am not at all careful about my hands or nails, so any polish is inevitably going to look pretty dire after just a couple of days.

With a base coat and a top coat though, I find the polish is faring much better. The "all in one" isn't quite as good as the two separate products, but it's much better than not using either of them.

If you have avoided nail polish becaue of how quickly it chips and starts to look yukky you might find these a very worthwhile investment - they're cheaper to buy than many nice polishes, so they'll save you money as well...

Do you wear nail polish? If you do, share your favourite polish in the comments..


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