Sunday, May 19, 2013

Aussie Curves: Leather

I dug out some of my favourite leather and pleather to show you this week, with the Aussie Curves theme of "Leather" on the table, I was spoiled for choice.

I was going to wear my gorgeous new pleather skirt from Harlow that I adore, but a couple of other ladies have worn it this week, so instead, I wore a "new-to-me" skirt, originally from Asos, that I picked up at the Hey Fatty plus size clothing market. It's lazer cut so has a really interesting pattern on it - I find it adds an interesting element of texture to my outfit, and it fits me really nicely.

Over the top I am wearing a pleather peplum belt, also from Asos - I am loving this and have been wearing it heaps since I got it. It has a bronze/gold coloured metal panel at the front, so it's great for wearing gold jewellery with.  Over the top of that - my old favourite, a leather military jacket I picked up at Sportsgirl  years ago.. it's only a 16 but somehow miraculously fit - it's gotten more battered over the years, but because it's real leather this only adds to it's charm - like me, it's getting better with age! Under that, an old lace top - because leather and lace is a classic for a reason.

I think this outfit totally needed boots, so I'm wearing my Autograph fake-leather alligator print boots, they are so comfy and heaps of fun to stomp around in. I will be wearing these beauties all winter long. If you squint you might be able to see my red leopard print tights from Target peeking out. These are almost at the end of their life, I am going to be so sad when they finally die.

So here I am, in my leathers, lurking in an alleyway like a total badass.. okay, it's the side of my house, and the birds were tweeting, and the sun was shining, and the children were laughing and singing as they bounced on the trampoline.. so maybe not that badass really.

That's the joy of leather though.. no matter what you're doing, if you're wearing it, you do feel just a little bit more edgy and awesome.

For me, wearing leather is about being a bad girl - in a good way. I think, as women, there is a lot of pressure on us to act in a "seemly" fashion. "Be Ladylike", we are often told.  (whatever that means.) Sometimes? Being "Ladylike" is not what the occasion calls for. Sometimes, you need to get angry, shout, and kick doors down. Be a Bitch. Say what you think, even if makes people uncomfortable, sometimes.

Sometimes, you need to wear leather.

I only recently did a post about Plus Size Leather and shared some of my favorites - here they are again in case you wanted to pick yourself up something slick.

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  1. I love that skirt so much!! Gorgeous!

  2. There is nothing I don't LOVE about this outfit!!

  3. You're a bad ass babe. Lovin your skirt.

  4. I love this whole outfit - YOU ROCK

    K xxx

  5. That skirt, OH MY GOODNESS, it's gorgeous. Hot hot! Looks great lady.