Monday, May 27, 2013

OPI The Top Ten Minis - thanks Tick the Box!

I got a lovely surprise the other day - I won a competition run by the good folk over at "Tick The Box" who do fun day-trips and other activities for (mostly) groups of women friends who want to have fun together - I won this:

It's a set of OPI's top ten polishes - ten cute minis that are the "best of the best". 

Here's the colours in the set: 

All very wearable and all very gorgeous. With this addition to my nail polish collection, I went to my nail polish drawer, and I realised just how many polishes I have, and how few of them I have put on the blog!

To correct this oversight, I'm going to do a quick "Six O'Clock Swatch" post for as many days as I can manage going forward - I'll be starting with these ten shades! I don't have perfectly manicured nails, so I'll swatch on nail cards - this will allow me to add to my collection as well - you win, I win! I also have a lot of eyeshadows and lipsticks that I need to swatch too, so I'll add some of those into the mix as well.  It's going to be swatcharama around here! 

A big thanks to Tick the Box for the lovely prize (and sparking off this idea as well!) 


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