Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Innoxa Antioxidant Lip Glazes - Guava and Apple

With the colder weather here to stay, I have really been getting into lip balms and glosses - they seem to leave my lips feeling a lot nicer than the long-lasting lipsticks and matte lipsticks that I usually prefer. I've found though that I need to give my lips a bit of a rest, and I've been trying to be kind to them by using gentler products.

It was perfect timing for these to land on my doorstep - they're the new antioxidant lip glazes from Innoxa. They are all named for fruits - Guava, Berry, Tangerine, Apple and Plum. I got sent Guava and Apple.
Guava is a light baby pink colour, a colour quite close to my natural lip colour.   Apple is, predictably, red, which comes across as a light shade on the lips, just a touch of red. 
These smell and taste really good, and they're not too sticky on the lips, but they're still nice and shiny. I'll be making good use of these during the winter. 


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