Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: LUK Beautifood Lip Nourish "Chai Shimmer"

LUK is a great Australian indie beauty brand (you know how much I love those!). They are all about the natural ingredients and making cosmetics that can actually be described as "food" because of their benign ingredients.

These "Lip Nourish" lip balms are no exception, with the main ingredients being sesame, avocado and jojoba oils and cocoa butter - that's got to
be better for you than all the chemical stuff that's in most of the lipsticks we all use.

I was quite impressed with this, it isn't sticky or nasty feeling like some lip balms can be but looks really nice on, and seems to do the job rehydrating your lips. I like to use balms when I have been wearing long-lasting or ultra matte lipstickls, both of which I love, but both of which can be quite harsh on the lips. When I use lip balm I have much less feathering and small lines around my lips, making the perfect pout a lot easier to achieve,. 

The one I got in the bellabox is a nice gold colour called "Chai Shimmer". The amount of glitter in it gives a very subtle effect - this is a very sheer, barely-there sort of tint, which is why my daughter immediately stole this to wear to school - she is all about the "my lips but better" sorts of products.

If you like natural cosmetics as much as I do, you will want to watch out for this brand. 


  1. oh wow - tx so much Omega for reviewing my collection. I just stumbled across you via a google search. Cindy (Luk)en x

    1. You're most welcome, it is a really lovely lip balm!