Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Lush have made a name for themselves with handmade awesomeness on a grand scale, and there are a number of their products that have reached "cult status" - forget the kaftans and dodgy dogma, for makeup and beauty products this is a good thing. 

If you imagine a body butter that's a bit more liquid, but just as rich, that's what this product is like. It's designed to be used after a shower to soften your skin and keep everything hydrated. It's namesake ingredients are rose oil and argan (hence the name, Ro's Argan) but it's shea butter that's doing most of the heavy lifting here, along with other goodies like  cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and even a dash of goji berry juice. 

The slightly more liquid texture of this makes it quicker than a body butter to apply, and having some handy when you step out of the shower makes this a really convenient way to do something nice for your skin in not much time at all!

Lush are all about being open and transparent with their customers, so unsurprisingly they've shared some of the behind the scenes stuff with the manufacture of this product, you can check that out here: 


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