Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Lust Have It Sample Box May 2013

Another gorgeous box has arrived on my doorstep, it’s the Lust Have It box for May! So what’s inside?

  • The Natural Source Camoflage Colour Lipgloss – a full size sample worth $12.95. Mine is a sparkly orange – I am really getting into glosses at the moment, glad to have another new one to play with! 
  •  Nicole by OPI textured Nail Polish – full size sample worth $14.95. Everyone who’s into nail polish agree OPI is one of the top brands, and the “Nicole by OPI” range has been really popular. I got a blue glitter polish designed to be a topcoat, I’m going to have fun layering this with other polishes to see what effects I can get. 
  • Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment – Well, this brand isn't shy about making the big claims, I’ll put this on my poor tortured locks sometime soon and let you know if any “Miracle” occurs. I really can’t get enough of treatments for my hair, always pleased to see one in the box. 
  • Seacret Body Lotion – Milk and Honey – full size sample worth $25. Milk and Honey – skincare ingredients with Biblical levels of authenticity! Add some Dead Sea Minerals into the mix and this sounds like the moisturiser that Ben Hur would use… it smells benign, I’ll give this a go soon. 
  • Paula’s Choice Resist Wrinkle-repair Retinol Serum – the blurb is claiming that this “instantly transforms your skin back to its younger, healthier self” so it seems we have another miracle worker on our hands, or just perhaps a hyperbolic copywriter. Time will tell if Paula’s Choice is our choice too! 
  • Nude by Nature Pawpaw Ointment – Full size sample worth $5.95. Pawpaw seems to be the popular ingredient of the moment, I have had more pawpaw stuff come across my radar in the last couple of months than I've seen in years.. nice to see this one is mostly pawpaw instead of mostly petrochemicals unlike some of its competitors. Just the things for wind burnt faces in the wintertime!
All in all another really solid offering from the Lust Have It team, two full size makeup samples and a nice variety of other stuff, this is a great collection of goodies.



  1. You were fortunate to receive one of the better boxes this month.

    I love the look of your nail polish.

    Jac xx

    1. Aww, were you not as pleased with yours? I am always curious about what I'm missing out on!