Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: McArthur Complete Skincare Cream

If no fuss no bother skincare is your thing, you're going to be interested in this - it's McArthur's Complete Skincare Cream. What I like about this is it's a pawpaw moisturiser, and if you look at the ingredient list, right there, number one, the largest quantity of ingredient in the whole thing - yep, you guessed it, pawpaw. So often with skincare and cosmetics something  has a "hero ingredient" that's large on the label and in the advertising, but only has a really small amount in the actual product. 

And this McArthur guy, he seriously loves paw paw.. I mean, just look at his reverent gaze here:

That's a man who's really very serious about his tropical fruits. 

The product picture above says "fragrance free" but the one I got sent isn't that version, it has lavender oil in it and smells really nice. It sinks into the skin like a dream and does seem to make a difference - I rubbed it into the back of one hand, idly testing it out, and about an hour later, I could feel a distinct difference between the hand I had moisturised and the one that I hadn't. 

This is just the sort of thing you'd want to keep on your desk in the winter time, rub it into your hands, elbows and knees when you remember and it'd make a nice difference over time, I think.  This one has earned a spot in my regular roster of moisturisers. I have a few other paw paw products in my "to review" pile at the moment, so you're going to see some more of them in the next couple of weeks. It's the ingredient of the hour, it seems! 

What about you? Do you like paw paw? As much as Mr McArthur does?? 


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