Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aussie Curves: Metallic

Time to get shiny!! I don't have a lot of metallic stuff in my wardrobe, and what I do have is mostly unsuitable for a Melbourne winter - but I did dig out this copper/bronze top that I bought in a City Chic sale a few years ago. I tend to go for gold-tones rather than silver, so this fits in with my usual colour scheme nicely.

It's really light and slinky fabric, so it's nice and comfortable to wear. With some red jeans and a pair of boots it's the sort of outfit you can wear out dancing even though it's really just "jeans and a t-shirt". I love these sorts of stealth-comfort outfits. 

Of course I had to pair it up with some metallic makeup as well - my Urban Decay Naked Pallette is still seeing plenty of use, and it has a lovely bronze colour in it called "Smog" that matches this top really nicely. I added some gold as well, and did a slick of bronze gloss on my lips as well.

If you fancy a bit more shine in your wardrobe, you can check out some of the items on offer in the stores below. As usual, everything is available in at least a size 20 and ships to Australia.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Her Fashion Box June 2013

 I got sent a new sample box, called "Her Fashion Box". Unlike the beauty sample boxes on the market, this one contains accessories as well.

At 39.95 a month it's more expensive than other boxes -the question you must now be asking it "But is it worth it??"

Here's what I got in my box:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Six O'Clock Swatch: Diva Nail Polish "Pink Racer"

Today's swatch is from Diva, this colour is called "Pink Racer". Diva are best known for their cheap and trendy jewellery, but many of their stores have a bargain bin full of nail polish.. at the price you pay for this you can't expect a lot, but this is a nice polish - "Pink Racer" is a light baby pink, a very classic nail polish colour! 


Cute Dresses from ModCloth

Modcloth is one of those dangerous websites for me - whenever I go on there I see at least a grand's worth of stuff I really, really want to own. 

Here's some of my current favourites from their plus-size section: 

Like my choices? Which is your favourite?


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Six O'Clock Swatch: Revlon Angelic Nail Polish 141

Today's swatch is Revlon's colour Angelic, number 141. It is a pale pink with a very slight opalescent sheen.

It's a subtle shade, the sort of thing you could wear to a conservative office but still feel pretty in. 


Review: Grown Alchemist Skincare - Skin Prep Treatment and Night Cream

Some new goodies from the recently rebranded Grown Alchemist arrived in the post the other day - it's a two part system, with a "skin prep" serum and a night cream. You're meant to put on the serum, wait five minutes and then put on the night cream before you go to sleep.

If old school pharmaceutical packaging and super scientific sounding complicated product names with fancy ingredients is your thing, well, do I have a treat for you!

First the serum - in a brown-glass eyedropper, it's labeled "Citrus Hesperidin Phytosterols Facial Serum Skin Prep Treatment" - I'm surprised it didn't need to come in a bigger bottle to fit that name on!

Then there's the night cream, also in a brown glass container, but this time a cute tub - "Violet Leaf & Neuropeptide Night Cream".

Like any properly fancy cosmetic brand the names are on the packaging in french as well. Oh La La!

So.. if you're anything like me you read these ingredients and said "WHAT THE HECK?!" But fear not, thanks to the wonders of Wikipedia I can now tell you what this stuff is.

Citrus Hesperidin is an antioxidant found commonly in citrus (my resident scientist says "That's lemon juice!") .. Phytosterols are plant steroids similar to cholesterol, Neuropeptides are protein-like molecules found in the human brain and nerves..

.. now why you'd want any of that in your skincare, or if it does anything, I've no idea, but it seems certain that they've gone to a lot of trouble to include some interesting ingredients!

The night cream smells, unsurprisingly, of violets and this is a nice relaxing scent to have before going to bed, the cream feels rich but not greasy, it soaks into the skin nicely feels good once you've put it on.

I don't know if these are making me more "youthful and radiant" but they have become a pleasant part of my nighttime ritual, it's nice to feel as though you're doing something good for yourself at the end of a long day, and they look lovely sitting beside my bed.. a good reminder that there is always time for a little pampering!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Six O'Clock Swatch: OPI Fly - Nicki Minaj Collection Nail Polish

Today's swatch is OPI's colour Fly, part of the Nicki Minaj collection. It's a bright turquoise / aqua colour, more blue than green.

This looks rather similar to the shade that was recently the "Pantene Colour of the year" so it's definitely an on-trend colour at the moment. 


Designer to Watch: Cabiria Style

I stumbled across this designer while roaming around Kickstarter - they had a successful campaign some time ago which I'm sorry I  missed, but it looks as though they have gone from strength to strength since then.

The brains behind this is costume designer Eden Miller, so it's hardly surprising that the designs are elegant and manage to look classic and modern at the same time. 

They describe their style as "whimsical & sensual"  and there's lots of cute things to choose from. They stock sizes 14 - 24 and ship everywhere. here's some of my favorites from their current stock:

If you like what you see, check out the rest of the collection at their e-store. 


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Aussie Curves: Boho

Boho? In the middle of a freezing Melbourne winter? Well, they don't call this a "Challenge" for nothing!

Boho originally meant Bohemian - the Bohemians were a group of artistic types in the 1840s who were pretty much victorian era hippies.. way ahead of their time! They were all about art and music, unconventional lifestyles and free love.. and not quite as much about opium and absinthe as Baz Luhrmann would have you believe.. they had dangerous ideas about the dangers of wealth and class based privilege and women's rights.. the more I learn about them the more they sound like my kind of people!

From Bohemian springs Boho, which is more of a 1970s revival than an 1840s one.. I very much see it as a summer look.. floaty, dreamy fabrics with long skirts, frills, lace and ornamentation.. 

To re-imagine it as a winter look had me swapping out the floaty skirt for some ornamented brocade jeans (from Target), summer sandals for boots (from Autograph) with woollen pom-pom adorned boot toppers.. 

I wore a frill-fronted teal top I picked up in the recent Autograph sale, topped with another sale-time bargain, a gorgeous fake-fur cropped jacket from Damn You Alexis. 

Add a feathered hair adornment and a funky necklace and I'm feeling ready for the Winter Salon.. pass the absinthe, would you? 

These photos were taken at the St Kilda Adventure playground.. if you've got kids and you're in Melbourne it is well worth a visit.. an absolute wonderland of cool things to play on for big and little kids alike!

Melbourne turned out one of it's gloriously sunny winter days and my girls had an amazing romp.. I managed to snap a few pictures too!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Six O'Clock Swatch: Ulta3 Hollywood

Today's swatch is from budge brand Ulta3, and the colour is called "Hollywood". Ulta3 can be found at chemists and even service stations at a couple of bucks a pop, and for the price it holds up very well! It's fun way to try out colours you are not sure you want to invest in - try out a cheapie and then splurge on a more long-lasting brand later on. This is a lovely clear ocean blue colour with a bit of sparkle in it. 

Review: Bellabox June 2013

The bella box for June is here! Once again I'm surprised how much they managed to fit into one little box!!

Here's what they managed to tetris in there somehow: