Sunday, June 9, 2013

Aussie Curves: Spikes

This weeks theme is spikes.. I don't normally need much excuse to go all post apocalyptic.. it's probably living with my gorgeous zombie-obsessed man (author of the Apocalypse Equipped blog) that does it, or maybe it's just that dressing like you're ready for a bout in the Thunderdome is just a lot of fun.

Now, confession time, I am wearing more studs than I am spikes, but I have put on this pair of totally wild leggings I picked up in the City Chic sale that has a line of metal spikes down each leg.

The rest of the outfit is, as usual, a  mixture of things from all over the place - The top is from 17 Sundays, it has grey pleather panels and stud detailing on the front, and it's made from a really gorgeous soft fabric. It's so comfy to wear but the details make it look a bit dressy. It's also really cool and light, I am going to get lots of wear out of it come summer time.

Accessory wise I'm wearing a metal-plate fronted belt, also from City Chic, and to top it all off, my wet-look PVC shoulder piece from Visage and Vice. It says something about my wild life that I actually get a lot of wear out of this piece - it's perfect for DJing at alt clubs because it sits high and people can see it when they look at you in the booth - it's like being a newsreader in that regard, as long as you look the part from the waist up, you could be in trakky dakks and uggs for all people would know! (I haven't done that though, just for the record :) )

I teased the heck out of my hair for some messy punk rock glam and swept it all to one side. My makeup is lots of black eyeliner, dark brows, dark lips.. all pretty normal stuff if you're of a goth persuasion.. I was going for a rough and ready messy sort of look...

There's heaps of gorgeous spiky and studded stuff in the stores at the moment, and sales galore it seems,  here's some stuff that caught my eye that you might like:

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  1. Argh I love this look so much, and you've convinced me, I really really want that shoulder piece. So badly!

    Killer Style!


  2. Oooo edgy! Spiky too, of course. Haha. Love the line about the ugg boots.

  3. Guh! I love this outfit soooo much! I sometimes wonder when/how/why my style changed so much, I see your posts and just want to find all my alternative clothing and just experiment more again.

  4. OMG I love that shoulder piece soooo much!!