Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Brauer Paw Paw Lip Shimmer

Brauer sent me a full set of their paw paw lip shimmers - with my lip balm extravaganza this winter it was perfect timing!

These are beauties - unlike some other lip balms on the market (even ones that say "paw paw" on the packaging) these have no nasty petrochemicals in them and are really gentle and hydrating on the lips. There's lots of colours to choose from too  - in this range there is something for everyone.

If you want something with no colour at all , then Pink Diamond is the one for you.  If you want light pink, then French Rose is your shade, or if you prefer a darker pink, try Blush. If purple is your thing, there's Luscious Lilac and if like me you can't resist red, then Ruby is the one you'll want. There's also a great brown tone as well, Toffee. 

Surprise, surprise, I have been wearing Ruby the most, it gives me a subtle but glossy look that still tones in with my red outfits. I credit the lack of chapped and dry lips this winter to my balm use, and since using these I have noticed an improvement in the small lines around my lipline as well. There's definitely going to be one or two of there rattling around in my pockets and purses from now on. 


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