Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Lancôme Advanced Génifique

Not so long ago I was invited by the lovely people of Lancôme to attend their special beauty blogger launch of the new and improved Advanced Génifique.

We were plied with macrons and mineral water and told all about this new wonder product. The old ("Classic?") Génifique is the most popular "anti-aging" serum in the world - they've sold more than SEVEN MILLION BOTTLES of this stuff worldwide.

It's a pretty gutsy move to take a product that popular and change it - but they seem confident that this iteration is going to be even more popular.

Whoever writes the copy for Lancôme is certainly not afraid of hyperbole, this "Youth Activating Concentrate" makes all the big promises you would expect. Last time around they had five dire-sounding "Signs of Aging", now they have expanded the list of things you're meant to worry about to ten.

One thing I love about this is the packaging, it is just so sleek and gorgeous - when you open it up the lid ingeniously pops up and pre-loads just the right dose of serum for your face and décolletage (that means your neck and the top of your boobs, but the french sounds so much fancier, don't you think?).  If you're going to splurge out on something like this, it may as well be the most popular one, and if it's packaged in a way that befits it's price tag, all the better. We were given a bottle to take home and I must say, if it's doing half as much for my face as it's doing for my bathroom counter, we're on the right track. What can I say, good design just makes me happy.

If you are thinking of indulging and picking up a bottle of this stuff yourself, or anything else from this brand, then it makes sense to give yourself an afternoon off, and go to the Lancome counter and get a facial while you're there - in Myer they do the treatments for prices that are fully redeemable in product, so if you were going to buy something anyway, it can be a really good use of your funds. You too can have your serum massaged in by this high-tech looking blue light emitting sonar/ultrasound machine!

The staff are all really lovely, and not pushy at all - I think the majority of people who come to them don't need the "hard sell" -  Lancôme  is one of the most prestigious and highly-regarded luxury beauty brands in the world, so they can afford to be really relaxed at the counter, being consultative and educational - they are all class and an absolute pleasure to visit.

It was really interesting to get a glimpse of how an iconic brand like this reworks it's flagship product, it will be even more interesting to see what they do next!


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