Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review & Swatches: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Here's something new from Rimmel - a lip lacquer range by the name of Apocalips. The name might not be original (and must have raised a few eyebrows over at Illamasqua) but the product does seem to be something new. 

It's a hybrid - the delivery system and shine of a gloss, the intense pigment and long lasting colour of a lipstick. These really pack a punch, and a little goes a long way. 
The packaging is nothing less than gorgeous - the top is faceted like a gem jem, and the body has a gradient from black to the colour of the gloss.
 The lid shuts with a satisfying click. They really are a pleasure to use, and the insides are just as functional as the outsides. 

I recieved a range of shades to try, and I have swatched them for you - there are some really gorgeous shades here. Even the neutral tones are highly pigmented - I haven't tried it on a range of lip tones but they seem opaque - I think regardless of the colour of your lips you would get a clear tone out of these. 

Stargazer - A golden colour with a strong gold shimmer. 
Phenomenon - This is a light pink colour.
Nude Eclipse- Problematic name aside, this is a dusky peach toned pink. 
Solstice- A brownish pink.
Celestial - A dusky pink that sits between Solstice and Nova in tone.
Nova- A dusky pink, a few tones darker than Celestial
Apocaliptic - A really hot pink colour - a very bright "pop" of colour.
Stellar - A hot coral colour, not as red as the swatch picture would have you believe. Definitely reads pink rather than red on my lips. 

I am very impressed with these - they seem to combine the best features of both lipstick and gloss, and I will be keen to add a few of the reds to my collection soon. 


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