Monday, August 12, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Glitter

Week two of the Antipodean Beauties makeup challenge and the theme is GLITTER!

Glitter polarizes people. It's one of those things that very few are "meh, take it or leave it" about. You either LOVE it, or you totally hate it. I'm ready to admit it, I am a glitter lover. In fact, I might have a bit of a problem. I find anything with shimmer or glitter in it pretty hard to resist.  That's the bowerbird in me coming out, maybe?

I've collected so much, I have a whole drawer in my makeup organiser just for glitter. 

I thought though, for this challenge, I would try something a little bit different for me - something subtle. It's easy to do elaborate wild glitter makeups (and oh how I love them) and rock those to a party, but I thought I might show you one way I use glitter in a daytime look. Perhaps not for the office, but for the day I had planned, a picnic in the sunshine with my polytribe friends, it was perfect. 

What I did was a classic cats eye - but in glitter - dark red glitter dust from Eye Kandy, to be precise. 

It was a subtle but striking effect - people would look, and then look a bit closer when the glitter caught the light - I had several people ask HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!! And some express concern about glitter being so close to my eye - it's a fair thing to worry about, I always make sure if I am putting it anywhere near my eyes that I only use "eye safe" glitter. Eye Kandy is one of those. 

It comes with  it's own "liquid sugar" sealant which works really well even for intricate and complex designs. I have used this stuff in all sorts of dress-up and costume makeups and have found it really easy to use. It's superfine glitter - I would call it "glitter dust" to describe it's texture -very very fine. 

Girlee Glitz Glitters

I thought I'd share some swatches from my two favourite glitter brands so you can see some of the gorgeous colours they have available. 

In the Eye Kandy brand, I have:

Candy Apple: A dark red
Sour Blast: bright sky blue
Confetti: holographic silver
Yellin Melon: holographic gold
Sour Grape: Dark Purple

For even more combinations you can mix these together too, just in case you fancy holographic purple or something like that. 
Eye Kandy Glitters
If you want something more chunky, then I also really recommend the Girlee Cosmetics "Girlee Glitz" glitters too - they are coarser in grade (but still gentle on your face, and fine for around your eyes too)  which means they are more sparkly, they're a more dramatic effect than the Eye Kandy - I find that both of them work really well for a wide variety of applications. 

The "Girlee Glitz" colours I have (and have swatched for you) are:

Fanta Sea: Bright Sky Blue
Beach Bunny: Bronze/Gold
Party Girl: Light Turquoise/Teal
Gold Digger: Bright Yellow Gold
Silverado: Dark Silver/Grey
Envy Us: Bright Emerald Green
Berrylicious: Lavender Purple

No matter how many I have of these, I always feel like I could use a few more.. can you ever really have enough glitter?

These can be challenging to wear, I know - and there's always the dreaded "fallout" - where you place your glitter where you want it and it winds up... well, everywhere. A good sealant, and remembering to wash it off before you go to bed will help with that but I think you have to expect a bit of fallout when you wear glitter - I just try to incorporate it into the overall look and embrace it as the price you pay for being super sparkly! 

If you want to see the rest of my outfit, I'll be posting that tomorrow as part of the Aussie Curves challenge. 

I was absolutely blown away by how many amazing participants we had last week, and I can't wait to see how this challenge progresses. So much fun, I wish I'd done it 18 months ago when we first started talking about it :)



  1. Fun! I love that look on you. Not too out there but still very pretty. I shy away from glitter - I get early 2000's flashbacks of that gooey glitter we all put next to our eyes because we were awesome. Ha ha

  2. Oooh loving the effect of the red glitter cat eye! It actually looks wearable! Not sure if it's because of your hair colour that it works, but somehow you've made it work! And yay for the challenge, I'm loving it! :)

  3. I really thought I had more glitter in my collection, but it is totally shimmer city in there! Love the look of Yellin Melon, primarily for the name I must admit haha

  4. LOVE this! I really want to join this blog hop now :P

  5. Wow! That color really makes your eyes look BLUE! Fantastic!

  6. You are so clever with makeup Omega! I would have never thought of using glitter for a winged eyeliner look - gorgeous!

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