Monday, August 26, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Lashes

This week's theme is LASHES. Now I was tempted to be really wicked and show you a collection of whips, but I thought I'd better stick to the intended makeup theme!  I don't wear false lashes very often but now that I've got the hang of putting them on and wearing them I'm doing more often - I love the drama they add to any makeup look!

You can get lashes really cheaply on ebay, of course they're not as nice as the expensive ones but when you consider the really nice ones cost about $20 a pair, and I got all this for the same amount of money:

That's hard to pass up! When they're this cheap I don't worry about reusing them, I can just wear them once and throw them away, though even these cheap ones are good for a few wears if you're careful with your glue.

So, how do you get them on? I did a tutorial about this ages and ages ago on my youtube channel, here it is:

Here's some photos that will hopefully help illustrate the process, too. In the top picture I just have eyeshadow and winged eyeliner on, then I add the top lashes, and then, to go totally over the top for a real "SPOOKY DOLL" look, I added some lashes to the bottom as well - not recommended unless you're doing a costume look or some other wild look :)

The key to wearing these and making them comfortable is to trim them to the size of your eye, you want them a little short rather than a little long in length - if they poke you anywhere when you blink, they're too long and you need to lop a bit off each end.

Investing in a glue is always a good idea - I have a black glue which is really good, totally blends in with the rest of my makeup and is a lot more forgiving if I get generous with it.

False lashes add an unmistakable touch of glamour to any look, I recommend you give them a go if you haven't already!

If you're wondering about the lovely grey/silver eyeshadow I am wearing, it's from the new
Lancome Hypnose Drama Eyes 5 Color Palette - it's totally gorgeous and I'll be showing it to you in more detail soon.

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  1. Whoa love those bottom lashes! And black glue - amazing! I need some in my life!

  2. What a great idea to do the exaggerated bottom lashes for a doll look! I'm going to keep that in mind!

  3. I reckon the bottom lashes look awesome, would be great for dressing up.
    And wow, thats a huge haul of lashes for $20, good score!

  4. Wow you have a lot of falsies!! I haven't tried buying lashes on ebay. The bottom falsies look amazing!!