Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Winter

This week's theme - winter! Jack Frost has definitely come knocking at my door, I currently have a lovely winter cold and am feeling quite miserable.. I couldn't let the weekly challenge go unanswered though!

I was looking even paler than usual, so I thought I'd run with it. For me the classic winter look is smokey eyes and dark lips.. it's the time of year I can wear all my "goth" shades of lipstick and if I am dressed in chic head to toe black it's hard to tell if I am a goth or just someone who lives in Melbourne.. thank heavens for Chanel Vamp helping to make ultra dark lips and nails super stylish - honestly I'd wear them anyway. 

Everyone's gone Gatsby mad at the moment, and I have always thought 1920s inspired looks are a lot of fun, so here's my hedonistic flapper face for winter.

 It's a totally over the top look with very dark wild smokey eyes, midnight blue blended into black, and dark teal lips with a spot of gold just for added impact. Very glittery and not at all subtle, one for a big night out on the town rather than the office, I'd suggest :)

Midnight blue and gold is a classic Art Deco colour combination, so I went all out with the wild colours in homage to the 1920s aesthetic. If you want some more flapper makeup ideas, check out this post I did last year all about flappers.  

So, what did I use to create this? Illamasqua "Pure Pigments" galore!! I confessed my glitter love last week, and I suspect that's the reason I just can't stop buying these gorgeous pots of glittery goodness. Recently the UK headquarters had up to 70% off on these beauties and I picked myself up three new pigments for my collection. 

Beguile is a white holo-glitter.. frosty, sparkly goodness, looks like snow does on Xmas cards :)

Then there's Alluvium - a midnight blue with gold glitter in it, so pretty. It's got several tones of blue in it, some almost black and others startlingly bright, it looks really rich and interesting on the lids. 

Last but not least - Zeitgeist - a black that manages both to be blacker-than-your-soul black but also has really sparkly silver flecks of glitter in it that stand out against the black. 

On my lips, an old favourite - Illamasqua's iconic teal lipstick, "Apocalips". Not an everyday shade but one that can't be beat for impact. It's got a great matte formulation and I just love wearing it. 

For the splash of gold, I used my Lush "happiness" eye colour - this stuff is amazing. If you haven't tried this range out, you totally need to - the colours are really gorgeous, it's totally opaque, so it's really versatile, like here, you can see I have layered it both over the pigment and the lipstick and it's come up clear and true colour.  Super impressed with the Lush range. 

 So, what do you think, fancy a trip in the time machine to the Roaring Twenties?



  1. love the look! esp the Lush Pigment!

  2. FUN!!! I love what you've done witht he blue :) x

  3. Wow, I might have to check out the Lush Pigment! Love experimenting with new things.