Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aussie Curves: Feminine

It feels like only a little while ago that we did this theme in the last round of Aussie Curves.. last time I spoke about how the descriptor "Femme" appeals to me a lot more than "Feminine", and that hasn't changed.. but rather than go over old ground, I thought I'd just show you something fun I love to wear.

I thought I'd show you the next generation of feminists I'm raising too, this is the little one - Astrid. She's two-and-a-third, and you can see her here being the very object of femininity - dirt on her face, scuffs on her knees from climbing and running and roughhousing, having a lovely time clambering around on the rocks and challenging herself.. we had a lovely time picnicking in the park. She's wearing a coyote tail because jumping and running around and howling "AWWWWW-OOOOOOH!" at passers by is a lot of fun. That's from her father's side of the family.. 

I'm trying to raise her to be resilient, and independent, and strong - brash and outspoken and opinionated - you know, all the things "ladies" are not supposed to be but that women definitely need to be! I'm also trying to teach her to be kind and gentle, caring and compassionate.. not because she's female - she's two, and who knows what her gender identity might be when she's old enough to decide such things, but just because I think they're worthy traits for human beings. 

Oh, yes, the clothes - we were meant to be talking about clothes, weren't we. This dress is from 
"Rock Steady" and many many years old, I love the whimsical stripes and skully motif, and the fact that it's super comfortable to wear. 

Underneath I wore a black long sleeved tshirt, because it's still cold, even when the sun comes out, and leggings from City Chic, along with my winter staple, my Autograph boots. 

I did something really cool with my makeup too, a cats-eye of dark red glitter - if you want to get a closer look at that, you'll have to look at yesterday's post, which I put up as part of a new Makeup Challenge I'm running called Antipodean Beauties - if you're Aussie or Kiwi and like makeup you should totally join in. 

 Be sure to check out the other Aussie Curves participants, they are always worth a look!



  1. Love this post. Astrid is a lucky girl to have space to play however she wants. I was part of a school uniform redesign committee when my kids were in primary school and you should have seen the hoo ha when we tried to get shorts into the uniform for the girls so that they could play without being worried about flashing their undies. We have a long way to go

    1. At my daughter's high school, the girls are allowed to wear trousers or shorts just like the boys - but do you think any of them will? Not a chance.

      I agree, we have a long way to go, but between you and me and everyone else fighting the good fight.. we're getting there slowly but surely.

  2. Great post Omega - Astrid is a little cutie! love the dress!

  3. I love this post. Astrid is a cutie pie - she is well on her way growing into a beautiful human, with a killer role model for a mum x

  4. Thanks for sharing your parental ambitions with us. I'm sure the strength and resilience you hope for will show up in your daughter. I love that. Great post.

  5. HELL YES to the way you are raising your little one!! Feminism for the win!
    Girls (and boys) should be care and compassionate, but they also should not be pigeon holed into something solely because of their genitalia!!
    The make up is fierce!! Love it!

  6. Just awesome! Love the way you are raising your girl