Friday, August 2, 2013

Aussie Curves: Homemade

The last in this round of Aussie Curves themes, I just had to be a part of it! I used to sew a lot. I made historical costumes and all sorts of things.. these days I don't have time for that, but I still do some alteration stuff to things when they are not quite right, or I'm bored with them and want a change, or to fit a particular purpose. I try to reuse things instead of always buying new stuff. 

Recently I wore one of my favourite outfits that has been the subject of many tweaks and alterations over the years, and was photographed for a profile in Beat Magazine. Because I have these gorgeous photos taken by Gauthier Photography it's the perfect time to show you this outfit. The original bits and pieces came from FanplusFriend but I have made lots of changes and tweaks - the jacket has been recut and the skirt has been altered - it wasn't homemade to begin with but I've done so much stuff to it over the years it might as well be now! 

I'm wearing it with my Gallery Serpentine corset underneath, showing far more cleavage than any decent lady would have dreamed of doing back in the day.

You can even see my new City Chic bra peeking out! Shocking, I know. 

I'm always a little surprised, though I really shouldn't be, when people who know one of the things I do, don't automatically know all the other things I do.  I need to remember that unless I tell them, there's no real way for them to know.
Here's a case in point - people who know me from this blog usually cotton on to the fact that I work as a stylist, or even that I am a bit of a social media fanatic. When I tell them that I also sell vintage patterns on Etsy though they are often surprised. 

I might not have all the time I like for sewing myself these days, but I certainly enable a lot of other people to do so.. almost two thousand of them over the last couple of years if my etsy sales are to be believed!

My store is called Embonpoint Vintage. Embonpoint is a french word, which used to be used to describe someone who was both attractive and not thin. 

My patterns are based on a drafting system, so they can be made up into any size. I was tired of looking at gorgeous vintage patterns that didn't come in my size, so when I had the chance to change that, I couldn't not share the resulting patterns. 

A lot of tedious wrangling with copyright lawyers to make sure everything is above board and many (MANY) hours slaving in front of a hot monitor, and I have more than six hundred patterns in my store - everything from 1930s clothes through to 70s stuff. Mens and kids stuff too, and the cool thing is with this system, all the kids clothes can also be made in adult sizes and vice versa.

I really enjoy tinkering with these, redrafting and getting these ready to be sold is really relaxing for me - it's an odd hobby, I know, but it feels good to be creating something. 

I really love it when people send me pictures of stuff they've made using my patterns - I always try and resist the urge to write back and say "That looks amazing! Make me one too??" 


Below you can see some of the patterns for sale in my store, click through to see the rest of them - and of course make sure to also have a look at all the other Aussie Curves participants and their awesome homemade outfits too! 


  1. I used to used pattern drafting software to draft my own patterns. Yours look great. And love your photos. You look gorgeous in them. It takes a talented woman to have so many strings to her bow

  2. Wow, amazing outfit, Omega!

  3. you're a very multi talented lady omega!
    Love the outfit, you look incredible :)

  4. Awesome outfit and awesome pics!

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  6. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post."