Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Aussie Curves: LBD

This week's Aussie Curves theme is "LBD" - the Little Black Dress. It's a wardrobe staple for a good reason - a black dress can take you anywhere, it's appropriate for (almost) any occasion.. if you're not sure what to wear, what the dress code is, or what others will be wearing - the LBD is the solution.

I have about a dozen of them. I'm a goth, of course I have lots of black dresses. Then there's this one. I know it mightn't look like an LBD at first glance, but it is. It's a plain, black, bodycon dress with a pencil skirt.. but it also has an overlay top, in fiery colours that forms a peplum.. I love this dress, it's so versatile, I can dress it up or down, and wear it anywhere - it's everything a LBD should be, with the added bonus of not being entirely black. I got it from City Chic.

I've kept things simple here and paired it with a super comfortable pair of red riding boots from Autograph.

This is the sort of outfit that takes less than 5 minutes to throw over your head, you're out the door and ready for whatever the day brings..

I thought I'd also show you one of my newest acquisitions that I just can't get enough of - it's the galaxy jacket, also from City Chic.. I just love this thing to death. It's another really versatile piece that will go with anything and everything but still be a bit interesting, as versatile as a plain black jacket but a lot cooler.

So, there you go, my LBD, quick and easy but still quirky enough to please me :)



  1. I love those boots Omega. I love them so much, I bought a pair! :P And they are the kind of red which goes with anything. And the dress, I almost bought it during the City Chic sales! It looks great on you, especially the colours in the top with your hair :)

  2. Great outfit, especially love the boots!