Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: All About Eyes

This week's challenge for the Antipodean Beauties is "All About Eyes" . Every beauty blogger has their own favourite product - for some it's blushes, or lip glosses.. for me, it's eyeshadow palettes. They're the items I most love adding to my collection without a doubt, I love playing with all the different colours. 

I recently got a real beauty in a blog sale - the Sigma Paris Palette. It has so many beautiful colours I wasn't sure where to start but with an eye-focused look like this one I went straight for the brightest shades. Here's what I had to choose from: 

Eiffel - Matte black with rainbow sparkles
Seine - Satin navy blue.
Louve - Matte saturated teal
Orsay - Matte meduim green with gold flecks.
Elysées - Satin plummy brown.
Notre Dame - Metallic taupe.
Triomphe - Reddened brown with green duochrome.
Versailles - White-gold with gold flecks.

I put Orsay on my lids and then blended Louvre into the crease - I like wearing green shadows because my eyes are wierd colour changing eyes - depending on the day or my mood they can look grey, blue, green or even violet - sometimes one looks green and one looks blue... whatever shadows I use seems to change the colours of them too - green shadows tends to bring out the green in them and I like how this looks with my red hair.

I topped off the look with some of one of my favourite liquid eyeliners - it's "Glister" by Illamasqua - a beige toned liner with amazing iridescent glitter in it. 

Wanting to keep the focus on the eyes I kept everything else very low-key - a slick of gloss on my lips, a swish of "Lumiere" blush from the palette and I was all done. 



  1. Gorgeous! I got that palette the moment it was released, and I haven't regretted it once! The colours are so beautiful and vibrant! xx

  2. Beautiful look! Must be something about redheads... My eyes do that too! X

  3. Beautiful look! Must be something about redheads... My eyes do that too! X

  4. Love!! When i had red hair I loved doing a green eye :). its amazing reminds my of poison ivy. xxxx

  5. wow, that looks awesome!! absolutely gorgeous

  6. Wow Omega! Those eyeshadow colours really made your eye colour pop out! Love it!

  7. Oh wow! That eye makeup is amazing! You're talented! :)

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