Thursday, September 19, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: A Night on the Town

So, if you dropped by my blog yesterday you would have seen that I got a bit piratical for "Talk Like a Pirate Day".. now when you dress in pirate hat and some silly clothes and talk like a pirate all day, you really need to take that out on the town as well.

By good fortune the theme for Antipodean Beauties this week is "A Night on the Town".

When I am going out - even when I am not wearing a very silly hat, I do love a bit of sparkle and something fun. I am drawn to much brighter colours when I am going out at night and anything with shimmer or glitter in it is something I really enjoy wearing.

It's super fun to experiment with brighter colours and I think when you're off for a night of partying you really have the perfect excuse to get a little bit wild with your makeup.

I recently got sent some goodies from Lush that are just the thing for a night out - super bright pigments that stay where they are put and last and last? Yes please.

I am wearing three of Lush's new colour products in these pictures - the red lipstick is "Decisive" - the formulation of this is just amazing. Almost more a stain than a lipstick, it reminded me of the OCC Lip Tars but is a lot more forgiving in application. And such a great colour - a true blue-based red. There's also some duochromatic gold tones in this as well which really adds a layer of depth to the colour. The matte formulation just keeps on keeping on - once I blotted this I could eat, drink and kiss to my hearts content and everything just stayed put.

On my eyelids,, a gorgeous antique bronze/oyster colour called "Quietly Motivated" - perhaps a bit of wishful thinking on my part? It's a really amazing shimmery colour and a great tone for me - I just love bronzes and finding one that is dark but still has a lot of interesting tones in it is a real treat. You can put this on neat for a really opaque "foiled" look, or you can blend it in, as I've done here.

Then, the eyeliner - bright purple and magnificent, it's called "Feeling Secure". It is a really gorgeous royal purple that goes on bright and stays that way.  Liquid eyeliners in bright colours are not often easy to find, and ones that don't smudge or wear off are very rare indeed.

I'm so impressed with these - the level of pigmentation and longevity is really second to none. Even though they're a liquid formulation I didn't experience any shifting or creasing of the colours either.

I'm pretty much determined to get my hands on as many of these colours as possible. At about $25 a pop they are really affordable too - there's a lot of product here and a little bit goes a long long way.

 Be sure to check out the other Antipodean Beauties as they share their favourite party looks, and if you are Aussie or Kiwi and think you'd like to join in please do! The more the merrier!



  1. I have to check some of the colours out. The pinks look stunning.
    I missed the lush event due to work :( But one day we will meet :)

  2. I have a few things from the EB range, and I have to agree - I love the brights!