Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Violet Box September 2013

My review edition of the Violet Box has arrived! Once again they have put together a really nice collection, on a "nails" theme it would seem.. Here's what we got: 

  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company floral slanted tweezers  - a lovely set of tweezers with a floral design - they seem to be good quality from playing around with them.
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company emery board - this has a pattern that matches the tweezers - cute!
  • NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex (full sized) - I haven't tried this product before but my nails sure could use some love, so I will be using this and seeing what happens. 
  • Sinful nail polish (full sized) - Red nail polish! Yes please! This is an organic brand - always good to have lovely nails without the nasties!
  • Eleven Australia's miracle hair treatment - a small (one treament if you have long hair like me) of a really amazing product - I've tried this before and was super impressed with it, always happy to have more of it!
  • Timeless Truth Stem Cell extract mask - cloth masks are a lovely treat for your face, and this is a new brand to me - I'll be popping this on for some pampering sometime soon!
Another strong showing from Violet Box - last months' box with all the makeup was always going to be hard to top and while this one wasn't quite as exciting to me it can't be denied that there's some great stuff here and it once again represents great value for money. 


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