Monday, September 30, 2013

You're going to want to see this..

Here's something that will make you smile.. At Paris Fashion Week Rick Owens, an amazing designer who does all sorts of post-apocalyptic looking drapey stuff decided to model his new line not on the usual models people choose for these sorts of events, but instead hired four "step" teams and flew them from the US to Paris to perform.

There's a lot of diversity in this crowd, lots of different shapes and sizes.. and while models are often described as "fierce" these ones are really raising the bar on that score!

I really loved this show. I'd love it even more if Mr Owens started releasing clothes in sizes these models could wear... THAT would be totally amazing. 

There's a heap of controversy about this show, the designer is copping heaps of flack about it - what do you think?


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