Thursday, October 17, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Avant Garde

This week's theme for the Antipodean Beauties challenge is Avant Garde - literally "Advance Garde" - it's  a phrase used to describe things that are at the edge of what's fashionable or accepted. This called for something a little bit "out there". 

I did this with a super bright blue pigment from "Naked Cosmetics" and overlaid purple brush strokes from Lush's "Feeling Secure" eyeliner. 

I was going for a kind of a Blade Runner look with this, but also wanted to evoke watercolours and impressionistic brushstrokes - the hypermodern future and the hyerromantic past colliding in one look. 

A robot/android./automaton kind of look? 

Not an everyday look, to be sure, but one I did enjoy putting together very much.


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