Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Red

Red - such an easy colour to wear on the lips, such a challenging colour to wear on the eyes.. but I do love a challenge!

Red is my favourite colour, I can't help but surround myself with it - is it any wonder then that I have collected quite a few red eye-shadows and pigments over the years? I don't wear them very often because red eyeshadow is not an everyday look, not even for me - but I do like to bust them out occasionally.

The red lipstick is the most vibrant scarlet I own - it's Eles Cosmetic's Micro Bubble Red - really a stunning colour full of the "WOW" factor.

I used a little of it on my eyes as a base for the shadows, and also to ensure that tonally the red eyes would work with the red lips! Over the top of it I blended some Mineralogie "Poppy" pigment and some of my Illamasqua "Berber" pigment.

To sharpen it up I topped it off with some black liquid eyeliner (Australis) and loads of mascara (Eles).

I love wearing red and these sorts of wild red makeups are no exception.



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Red totally suits you (you should know though, your hair is red!) xx