Saturday, October 5, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Sci Fi

Just scraping it in this week with a Sci-Fi look - I love doing these wild looks but they do take a lot of time! I decided to go with the standard Star Trek/ Doctor Who staple of creating a "humanoid alien with something weird going on around the forehead"...

I also couldn't resist taking the opportunity to show off my new horns from The Fable Workshop - these are amazing, light and easy to wear and were not expensive at all. Their customer service is second to none, and I think this is going to be the first of many purchases I make from them.

I took some step by step pictures so you could see how it all came together:

First primer and foundation, and then Kryolan thin latex to build up the layers on the forehead and cheeks.

After that, a layer of shimmery green opalescent pigment - I used Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill" pigment. This gave my skin an unearthly greenish cast but was light enough not to require a full cover up - my skintone looks "off" but it doesn't require the full mask of makeup a bolder base colour would have.

Then, more colours - a bright blue pigment from Makeup For Ever and Illamasqua pigment in Berber, which is hands down the best red pigment around I think..

After that, some highlighting and detailing with my Gosh Liquid Eyeliner.

Then, horns!

Some more picspam so you can see it from all angles:


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  1. Wooow this is so cool! I'm so bummed I had to miss out on Sci Fi last week.. I've been SO busy (my mum just moved in with me..) xx