Thursday, October 31, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Spooky

Week 13 of the challenge brings us the Spooky theme, right in time for Halloween! We celebrate Halloween with gusto at our house, it is "Goth Xmas" after all. The neighbourhood kids come around for the banter and the lollies and everyone gets into the spirit of things, it's lots of fun.

My daughter and I are Supernatural fans, and she has been encouraging me to do an "Abbadon" makeup for quite some time now. The Demon Queen of Hell probably qualifies as a "spooky" theme, right? Here she is in all her glory, looking rather dishevelled.. 

This was a fun makeup to recreate, because it's a very beautifully applied 1950s look that has gotten all messed up. It was interesting to smudge and overblend and make a mess of things in the right way. 

I also pinned my hair up into a nice 1950s style and then deliberately put the bobby pins in incompetently so it would get all dishevelled, It was interesting doing the opposite of all the things I am normally trying to achieve with hair and makeup! 

And then of course there's that gash at the neck - Abbadon's had her head cut off and reattched (it's a long story), so I got out my trusty jar of Kryolan "wet scratch" to get that part done. 

Here's my version of the look - it's not a perfect reproduction by any stretch but I was still pretty happy with it. 

A black leather jacket, jeans, motorcycle boots and I was ready to go!

I thought you might like to see the rest of my spooky house and all the crazy decorating we did to make our house even more creepy than usual. 



  1. This is awesome! You did such a great job, and love the decorations! (Particularly the vampire bunnies!)

  2. This is an amazing look, you've recreated it very well!

    Love the vamp bunnies and scary partner sitting next to the door. :)

  3. hehe Vampire bunnies!
    Amazing job on the makeup!!

  4. Oh! Spot on! You make a great Abbadon! Also love the vampire bunnies!