Thursday, November 28, 2013

EDC Upgrade - My new Handbag and Wallet

I recently made some significant upgrades to my EDC (which, for those of you who aren't living with someone who loves all things tactical) means "Every Day Carry".

In layperson's terms... I got a new handbag, and a new wallet!

I really needed them, too - because I recently became the proud owner of both a new gorgeous notebook and a new Ipad Air.

The notebook is from PaperBlanks, one of my favourite stationery brands, I've been using their journals for years to take notes at work. It's not hard to see why I love them so much:

They really are breathtakingly gorgeous, and always get lots of admiring comments. My new one looks like the one on the far left of the picture. It's hefty, with magnetic clasps.

Then there's this new shiny toy:

Yes, thanks to my partner's long tenure with Telstra I got an offer I couldn't refuse to get my hand on one of these babies. I'm loving it, I think it will make blogging on the go a lot easier. 

These two combined though meant that my old handbag just didn't have the capacity for my stuff! I needed to upgrade and fast. I'm not (sadly) the sort of person who has a collection of gorgeous designer handbags - I buy the best quality one I can afford and then I use it to death - literally until it is falling apart and looks very shabby indeed. My old handbag was very much in this category! 

Thankfully, I happened to wander past Colette as everything was on sale. After a lot of testdriving, podding and poking (it's a very important purchase, after all!) I eventually chose this bag:

It is big enough for everything, but not too big - I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced that phenomenon where no matter how big your bag is, the amount of random stuff you carry around mysteriously expands to fill that space - I wanted to avoid lugging around too much stuff!

While I was there I also got a new wallet too, as my old one was falling apart and belching forth coins all the time:

It was the only red wallet they had in the store, which may have influenced my decision a little bit.. it has all the necessary pockets and stuff I need. 

All in all I feel really happy with these purchases! 



  1. Oh! Love the choices you made, I love Colette, and actually so does my Mum! She's a handbag fiend and can hardly ever walk out of Colette without buying something!

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