Sunday, December 15, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Aussie/Kiwi Brands - Iridis Cosmetics

This week we're showing off some of our favourite local brands - it's great timing for me because I recently became aware of a new Aussie makeup offering I want to tell everyone about!

I was lucky enough to recently  receive a generous parcel from Iridis Cosmetics. They're a new Australian makeup brand founded by a MUA. Here's what they sent me:

A custom made eyeshadow palette with the colours Kitty, Ex Boyfriend, Teachers Pet, Vintage and Jeannie.

False lashes - Rapunzel, Thumbelina and Maid Marion:

Two lipsticks, a dark berry colour called Plateau and a lovely red called Russian. 

Lash Excellence Mascara and Eye and Lip Primer. 

Lots of fun new things to play with!! 

I started with the eyeshadows - honestly, in the pan, they didn't look like much. Perfectly lovely, ordinary wearable colours.. but I wasn't wow'ed at first glance. Then I swatched the first one, really not expecting much and I was very surprised. 

That first colour, "Kitty", looks like a fairly nondescript pink colour in the pan, but on the skin - it has an amazing pearlescent gold sheen. Really amazing, and could totally be worn by itself for a gorgeous daytime look. A really "WOW!!" colour. 

With that surprise still rocking me, I tried the others, and what do you know, they all have a hidden secret. It's hard to photograph but very obvious in person - there's an almost duochrome effect happening with these.  

Every single one of these, you could wear alone as a single sweep of colour and it would look as though you'd artfully blended for ages. 

They're soft and buttery and effortlessly blend together. 

I put together a daytime and a nightime look with very little effort. 

Here's the daytime look - Kitty on the lid, with some Jeannie at the inner eye and Vintage along the brow line. Of course I had to try the red lipstick first, and I'm happy to report it's a really good one! It's thick and matte, a really old school formulation that gives you great colour and staying power. 

While you're looking at this, check out that mascara! It alone is a stand-out product - it's given me a similar look to some of the fibre mascaras I've been trialling lately with a lot less mess and fuss. 

For the nighttime look, I went all out with the blues and greens for a bit of a 1920s dark eyes look. Ex Boyfriend is a green with blue shimmer and Teacher's pet is a blue/purple with greenish shimmers so these two were really meant to go together!

Plateau is one of those very rare "dark and dramatic but forgiving" shades, the holy grail of any goth-leaning person's lipstick wardrobe!

I'm absolutely delighted to have discovered this brand - if you get a chance to try their stuff out I'd grab it with both hands and run. Super impressed with these. Go have a look yourself at all the cool stuff they have! 


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