Sunday, December 1, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Purple

 It's purple week at Antipodean Beauties, it's a colour I have always enjoyed wearing, sometimes it's in fashion and sometimes it isn't, but I've never let that bother me!

When it comes to vibrant colours it's really hard to go past Illamasqua, and their purples are some of the prizes of my collection. I don't normally wear both of these together, but for an all-out purple look they do combine nicely!

The lighter shade is a cream pigment called "Depravity" - can't argue with that!

The darker is a powder eye shadow called "Inception". I picked up both of these beauties in sales, a year apart, and I've gotten a lot of happy use out of them since then - you can see I have barely put a dint in either of them.

On my lips is an amazing Illamasqua gloss called "Boost" that has a holographic/duochrome sheen to it. Every time I wear it people ask me what it is. It manages to be both really bright and vibrant but is quite sheer as well, so it seems to deliver a lot of colour without looking super scary.

I'm also wearing my gorgeous purple Lush eyeliner - the colour is called "Feeling Secure", and if you look closely you might notice I am wearing matching purple mascara - this is thanks to a nifty product from Manicare - disposable mascara wands! I just pop one of these into the eyeliner pigment and I'm all set.

I really like wearing purple, it makes my eyes look an even more interesting colour than usual and it goes with red really well - if I didn't already have a favourite colour purple would be it for sure!


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