Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aussie Curves: Headwear

Headwear week this week at Aussie Curves, and it's perfect timing for me because I recently waltzed out the door in this wild getup!

It seems the "Silly Season" is already upon us.. I participate, but only in certain ways. The gross commercialisation, shopping mall panic attacks, racking up credit card debt to buy things for people they neither want nor need out of a sense of obligation? Lying to our kids about a magic dude from the sky who will reward or punish you in order to encourage conformist behaviour? No thanks!

The getting together to celebrate and commiserate the year gone by, with good food and good company as often as possible? Yes Please!

Wearing silly things? Always, always yes please!

So - here's a very silly and fun bit of headwear just for the silly season! Yes, they are actually real light-up lights, and no, I didn't have to stand next to a power point all night.

They're from ikea and they're little led lights powered by just two small batteries - about the size of a matchbox. I turn them on, pin the battery packs into the middle of my hairdo, wrap the lights around and there we have it!

The best part - they only cost $3 a string.

In keeping with the festive spirit, I did a gold eye makeup using my trusty old Urban Decay Naked Palette, and paired that with a bright red lip - Eles Microbubble red topped with some gloss for extra shine. I also used my Macrolash fibre mascara for some ultra glam lashes.



  1. Love this! Such a great idea, you look fantastic. :-)

  2. Girl on fire :) Soooooo coool Omega x

  3. OH MY GOD! That is so amazing! I think you official win in the headwear category. I'm kind of in love with this idea and wish I had an ikea closer so I could steal it for myself!

  4. Love it Omega! I used to have these lights on my bicycle basket, for added visibility at night! But they got stolen, not enough cable ties! :(