Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Apivita Express Beauty with Red Wine Face Mask

I've gotten into a rather delicious habit, on Sundays I have been taking time to do a bit of pampering.. I delve into my stash of face, hair and body products and choose something nice. 
Last Sunday I decided to get into the wine.. the red wine face mask, that is - this one is by Apivita, who do a huge range of these sorts of products.. you could try a different one every week for a year I think!
I love drinking red wine, and there's plenty of articles online that will tell you it's full of all sorts of healthy things.. stands to reason it'd be good for your skin as well. 
The red wine mask is, as expected a pinkish colour, and it feels cooling on the skin. It said to leave it on for ten minutes but that didn't seem like a lot of time to me, I was quite sceptical that it'd do anything in that amount of time. I washed it off after ten minutes though, and sure enough it did seem to do the trick. My skin felt amazing - soft and smooth. 
I was very happy with this - for such a reasonably priced product it had a great effect and was very enjoyable to use. 

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