Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MeNow Velvet Finish Liquid Lipstick Swatches

There's a lot of people looking for Velvet-finish liquid lipsticks at the moment, without having to pay a hefty price tag. Velvetine dupes aren't easy to find but after some searching I happened upon a great option from chinese cult brand MeNow. 

These are seriously long lasting - really seriously long lasting. Once they dry, they are there to stay. You can scrub at them even and they won't budge.. check out this quick video I made and you'll see what I mean:

Here are the colours available in my store.. there's lots to choose from. 

01 Baby Pink

02 Dusky Pink

03 Mushroom Pink

05 Rich Red

06 Malibu Pink

07 Rosy Pink

09 Orange Red

23 Frosty Pink

25 Hot Pink

26 New York Pink

32 Currant Red

36 Berry Pink

No points for guessing what my favourite colour is!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

H&M Melbourne Launch - H&M+ Plus Size Fashion Report

So, here in Melbourne the fashion world has been abuzz with the news of our iconic GPO being converted into a massive concept store for H&M. The store opened to the public today but on Thursday night there was a VIP launch party with 1000 guests - celebrities, models, socialites, the famous, the notorious and me! 

All of that was exciting, but what I was really interested in was the plus size range - H&M+. 

I wasn't sure what to expect - ideally they would have simply ranged up all their clothes into plus sizes and have them throughout the store (unlikely, but would be awesome) - I guess I was thinking there'd be a plus size section in a corner somewhere.

I didn't think I had my hopes up too high, but I have to be honest with you, when I actually found it, my heart sank a little.  It was tiny, much smaller than I was hoping, and worse, they had set up one of the main bar/service areas in front of it.

I took a quick video of the situation I was presented with which you can see here:

To actually look at and photograph the clothes I had to ask the bar staff to let me into their service area, which they were really nice about.

So the "plus size" range at H&M starts at a 14 (presumably because a fair quantity of their main range stops at a 12), and goes up to a pretty small looking 24. There are a lot of "oversized" pieces in the non-plus-size range that I could probably squeeze in to.. but I find myself less and less inclined to do that. I feel like I shouldn't be rewarding retailers who aren't supporting those of us who wear 14+ with my hard earned cash. 

I took some shots of some of the pieces I liked: 

I did a quick count and it looks as though there are about 30 lines in the plus size section. I got told that this is the largest plus size section of any H&M store in the world - so, that's good.. but if this is the biggest, what does the smallest look like? (Yes, that's right - it's just non-existent) 

There were some great pieces there, but nothing that I thought "WOW, I MUST HAVE THIS!" - there were probably at least 20 things I really, really liked in the non-plus-size range.. but we're all familiar with that sad feeling... "Why don't you make this for me? Look! Here is my money! Now, you won't have this money, because you only made this in small sizes. "

There was only one way to deal with my disappointment.. to drink many free cocktails and drown my sorrows.  Truly - It was an incredible party. The amazing cocktail bar 1806 had a special menu of cocktails and there were delicious canapés by Adam D’Sylva, they'd flown in famous DJs and everyone seemed to be having an utterly fabulous time. 

What did I buy? Not much, actually - but I did get this very silly hat - it's a woollen riding hat with kitty ears on it. 

I'm grateful to have been invited. I'm grateful that they have a plus size range at all, because many (many many) other brands don't. I'm glad the pieces look on-trend, are fairly affordable and that there's now another much-needed place to pop in and get a plus size garment in the CBD. I hope that if it's successful they will look at expanding this range in the future, and maybe (a girl can dream), expand the size range of their "main" ranges as well.