Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fire Demon Costume Fantasy Makeup

Recently I did a DJ gig at a fantasy costume event called "The Goblin Ball" - each year a different theme is set and people really go all out with their outfits - last year was an ice theme, this year it had a Fire theme called Ember Rule.

Of course I need very few excuses to go all-out with the red so this was an easy theme for me. I was going for a dark fae/demon kind of look, and based my look around my awesome horns from The Fable Workshop. 

As you can see I dove deep into my red eyeshadow collection, and was also very liberal with the glitter - here's what I wound up with!

If you fancy trying this look yourself, or perhaps a more toned down version, you can see all the amazing red toned things I have in the store here: http://beautybohemia.com/collections/all/red